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Downton Abbey Heads into the Roaring Twenties

By Michelle Michalos
Thursday, March 1st, 2012
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Flappers, jazz, life after World War I (and the birth of the BBC!)… The Downton stars dish on what they hope the future holds during the Roaring Twenties when season three of Downton Abbey arrives next year.

Missed any of season two? Watch full episodes online through March 6, and read episode recaps on The Downton Dish.

  • Katherine Patrick

    I love the Character and the story of Donton Abbey. Can not wait for the new series.

  • Deborah

    Clip was far to short. Would have loved to hear more from the cast members.

  • Joseph Michael Rizzo

    I hope the series will reflect the world in the 1920s, and perhaps include references to the literary and art world at that period. I also hope the plots won’t be as melodramatic (soap operaish) as they were in the 2nd series. But what did happen to the cousin with the disfigured face? Did he just go away and disappear, or will he come back?

  • rory

    Next year???????? 10 months or more from now????????

    it really is not a way to treat viewers, to stop a story for ten months.
    you’re not sending a spaceship to mars…it’s a play!

  • Barbara

    I love this series but I wished you had each character state what they thought their part would be next time.

  • arlene giovene

    Don’t change a thing about Downton Abbey – we ache for more. To quote Oliver, ” Please, sir, may I have more.”

    We are so lonely and feel empty on Sunday nights. I would never wish my life away – but, please January hurry up.

    arlene g.

  • Cathy

    I agree with the other viewers. Such a LONG hiatus between seasons. I’ve never seen any other network have such a long span of time in between seasons. Is it a question of funds? Let us know!

  • Bernadette Beamud

    I love Masterpiece and especially this series. It is riveting, I even watch all the reruns. I am so looking forward to the next season. Many thanks to Channel 13 for such beautiful programming.

  • Michele Stetz

    Now that Downton Abbey is entering the 1920′s, it will be interesting to compare the lifestyles of England and America at that point in history. Boardwalk Empire is coming back in October during the same period of the early twenties. Of course, the material will be different but the costumes and the hairstyles will nice to compare and contrast of this era. Will the upper class ladies change their hair styles for the modern bob, will Granny slowly adapt to the newer styles even for her age during this time period. How will Thomas react to Prohibition in the US, will he get involved in the bootlegging business from England to the US? There are many ways that Downton can go with the rise of skirts and change of everyday life with the advent of the 20′s. Hopefully, we will get a different view point from the English in this period.

  • Mary Bullock

    The disfigured Patrick returns with “proof,” Sir Richard is implicated in death of Vera, Gertrude Stein drops by – Hemingway in tow, Edith joins Howard Carter in Egypt, Violet flirts with becoming the singer with
    a jazz band. Who knows?

  • Annette

    Why must we wait sooooo long. This is the worst tease to endure. They have become part of my family and I sit at the edge of my seat when watching the series. I do hope nothing bad happens to Mary and Matthew’s plans for the future. My sincere congrats to the whole cast for making my Sunday nights enjoyable and fasinating.

  • Gloria

    I absolutely love love love the show. I regreat that there is such a long time between seasons. Can we do anything about that?? In the interim I’ll make do with the re-runs to keep me longing for more. I hope Mary and
    Matthews wedding will actually happen. Can’t wait.

  • mimi wallace

    Patience, patience! Waiting will make it all the sweeter when it returns. “Mad Men” and “The Sopranos” both had a period of hiatus. Meanwhile I’m reading lots about the years just covered (“Testament of Youth” by Vera Britten and “Parade’s End” by Ford Matox Ford). And am lining up a few about the roaring 20s! Bliss!

  • helene weinstein


  • Joanne Theodorou

    Why is everyone so certain that Mr. Bates did NOT kill Vera????? Do you really think cool, smart Richard would do her in? Why? And we all know we cannot trust the Matthew/Mary wedding to be….something will happen….too delicious NOT to be tampered about…Sybil’s baby with “THE CHAUFFER?” Great plot lines there…..Lady Edith i.e. “The other one” …. let’s see if she really can trap someone who does not wish to be trapped, she’s running out of options! No matter, trust Julian Fellowes knows precisely where to take us now, even if the 2nd season got a bit soapy. Can’t wait……

  • Gerri

    Love the show. Love Maggie Smith. Can’t wait for next season. Thank you THIRTEEN. I’ve been a fan since you started 40 years ago. I love your programs.

  • Nancie

    Absolutely loved Abbey; For me the best Masterpiece Theater series ever–and I have been watching forever. Hope Mary and Mathew DO finally get married–a fabulous beginning to the new season, and there are soooo many sub-plots possibilities within their marriage, Julian I am sure sees a lot to play with there. Personally, I feel the glue of the whole story lies in the viewers’ connection with this couple and hope they can depend on a central stability in their relaitonship no matter what comes their way.

    I did feel that Robert’s slip with the maid, Jane, was a bit off mark, out of character for Rober, and unrealistic reactions for maid.)

    Even though Julian did not have an opinion on “Patrick’s” claim, I felt he was not Patrick, especially when he agreed with Edith that Patrick Gordon would eventually be found. On the matter of Patrick’s returning in the third season, I think he must, or the inheritance will always be in question/jeopardy.

    You can see I am totally, happily immersed in this wonderful story: the writing, characters/acting, photography, plot–everything. Hope we will not have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for more. But if that is necessary to keep up the quality of the series, so be it.

    Thank you so much for this outstanding series.