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A MetroFocus Special: Tech Campus NYC

By Michelle Michalos
Wednesday, December 21st, 2011
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Rafael Pi Roman

On Thursday, December 22nd, THIRTEEN and WLIW21 will debut an on-air MetroFocus special, “Tech Campus NYC.”

The special report, hosted by Rafael Pi Roman, with a special contribution from Jane Pauley, will take viewers behind the breaking news of the winning bid for Applied Sciences NYC. On December 19th, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that Cornell University and its partner, Israel’s Technion Institute, had won the competition for a land grant and $100 million from New York City to build a massive new technology and engineering school on Roosevelt Island.

Viewers will hear commentary about the local significance of this project from special guests including Cornell University President David Skorton, The Technion Institute President Peretz Lavie, New York Academy of Sciences Director of Innovation Karin Ezbiansky Pavese and New York City Economic Development Corporation’s newly appointed and first Entrepreneur at Large Steve Rosenbaum.

Jane Pauley speaks with Steve Rosenbaum, New York City Economic Development Corporation’s first Entrepreneur at Large

“Tech Campus NYC” will air on THIRTEEN on Thursday, December 22nd at 11 p.m., and will rebroadcast as an encore on Saturday, December 24th at 7:30 a.m. The special will also air on WLIW21 on Thursday, December 22nd at 5:00 a.m. will rebroadcast as an encore on Friday, December 23rd at 7:00 p.m.

“Tech Campus NYC” marks the next phase of a multiplatform initiative to bring local news and culture coverage to the tri-state region. The website for MetroFocus launched July 11, 2011.  A mobile platform is expected to launch in early 2012 as well.


“Tech Campus NYC” is a production of WLIW21 and the Interactive Engagement Group in association with WNET New York Public Media.

This MetroFocus special is made possible by the Cheryl and Philip Milstein Family, Josh and Judy Weston, Jody and John Arnhold, James and Merryl Tisch, The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, Jean and Ralph Baruch and the Metropolitan Media Fund. Corporate funding is provided by Mutual of America.

  • Dan

    It is absurd to have your program reporter trying to even bring to think that Ny has the environment to compete, create or surpass Sillicon Valley.Let me give you a few reasons why you lack of understanding by making such arrogants comments about surpassing Sillicon Valley.
    A) Calirfornia is still the number one economy in the US while Ny was surpassed by the economy of Texas recently. NY is now number 3 economy in the US
    B) Your state has a much much smaller population than that of Calirfornia
    C) Creative environment is not what NY has. It provides competitive and a desire to rule , but Califronia provides a will to change the world and creativity.
    D) There are good schools in NY to even get close to Stanford University, Berkeley or Catlech in Enginnering. Columbia Enginnering is not even in the top ten and Cornell and NYU rankings are irrelevant.
    E) The weather ,population and the many many cities California has are not matched by NYC.
    F) The talent in Sillicon Valley is unmatched by your city
    And lastly,
    I see Texas as bigger player in competition than NY will ever be.
    P.S. San Francisco is more beautiful and greener than NYC.

  • Richard

    Dan: Your comments reinforce this truism:
    In New York in the summer, it is 100 degrees and in California, it’s 72.
    In New York in the winter, it’s 32 degrees and in California, it’s 72.
    And in New York, there are 8 million interesting people. And in California, there are 72.

  • kG

    Dan: I must give a rebuttal. If you think NY is irrelevant – then why have west coast companies opened there biggest (some the only) engineering offices in the country outside of their home base in NYC and not Texas? Companies like Google – Facebook – Yelp … even Microsoft (from Washington).
    A) California and Texas are much much bigger states…not even close in size. Their economies should be bigger than NY. What took Texas so long?
    B) see A
    C) Depends on what you mean by creativity…. If you mean in terms of tech creation then you should be specific – because NYC is the arts & culture capitol of the US. In terms of tech – it’s the not the people themselves… the creator of Facebook grew up in NY. Even the President of Stanford is a native NY. As far as the cliche you spewed – I won’t bother.
    D) You are right that in terms of Engineering schools – California might have the advantage… but there are many good ones in the region…. and Cornell’s partner Technion of Israel rivals any in the world… and Cornell is certainly no slouch.
    E) Suprise – some people like the 4 seasons… and just like California is a state – so is NY – which is not NYC alone. You’d also be surprised to know that many people are in Silicon Valley because that’s where the tech jobs are – not necessarily because they like it there.
    F) Again – you have to be specific when you say talent. If you are talking about tech… then the NYC metro area is second only to the Valley and Bay area in terms of tech. If you are just talking about talent – this area is full of all kinds of talent.
    Btw – go research the major tech company that left Austin, Texas to go to the Albany, NY area because of the investment in nanotechnology. You may change your forecast when you learn who it is.

    Will this metro area reach the heights of Silicon Valley??? That’s hard to say… but never say never. New Yorkers are ambitious and will try regardless…. regardless of what vitriol is spewed our way.