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Take a Bite out of THIRTEEN

By Michelle Michalos
Friday, August 5th, 2011
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(Photo credit: PBS Food)

Searching for new recipes to try at your next barbecue or family gathering? Look no further! Check out our guide to some of  best food shows and sites from THIRTEEN and PBS.

PBS Food: a site where cooking shows, blogs and recipes from PBS and local stations across the country come together. From Julia Child to local restaurant reviews, PBS Food celebrates the iconic chefs and culinary treats you love from PBS. Enjoy a sneak preview of the site, featuring the new Fresh Tastes blog featuring Jenna Weber and Marc Matsumoto.

Mike Colameco’s Real Food: Join Mike Colameco for an insider’s guide and behind the scenes look from a chef’s perspective on how some of the best restaurants in the world put together their dishes.

Airs Saturdays at 6 p.m. on THIRTEEN.

Lidia’s Italy: Travel to Italy with chef Lidia Bastianich to explore elaborate food markets, fishing villages and farms and learn to prepare her favorite Italian meals at home.

Starting on September 10, the series shifts its spotlight from Italy to America, where Lidia brings viewers on a road trip into the heart of Italian American cooking on Lidia’s Italy in America.

Airs Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. on THIRTEEN.

Made in Spain: Watch online - a series exploring the culinary and cultural riches of Spain, hosted by chef Jose Andres.

Everyday Food: Watch online - A television series based on the Everyday Food magazine and book, featuring tasty and easy to prepare recipes.

  • Debs

    I’d love to see you do a regular program on gluten free cooking & baking (strict gluten free, not the fake fad gluten free.) It would help with Celiac awareness (for those who don’t know about it) as well as help Celiacs (or those who are gluten intolerant) manage their disease.

    It is estimated that about 97% of the people who have Celiac disease don’t know it yet. And the only treatment for the disease is eating a STRICT gluten free diet, which can be complicated. A show like this would be huge.

  • Danni

    Fully agree with Debs.

    Spreading awareness about Celiac Disease and gluten-free living is extremely important, as so many people are undiagnosed and complications can be life-threatening.

  • Marianne Jaegers

    What is the name of the beef butcher shop mentioned at the beginning of Mike Colameco’s Real Food epsiode of March 24, 2012?