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Mostly Mozart Festival Opening Night

By Michelle Michalos
Monday, August 1st, 2011
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On Tuesday, August 2, Live from Lincoln Center presents the Mostly Mozart Festival Opening Night, a gala featuring the acclaimed violinist Christian Tetzlaff under music director Louis Langree leading the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra.

The gala will feature the debut of violinist Antoine Tamestit, along with performances by soprano Susanna Phillips and violinist Jennifer Koh.

The Mostly Mozart Festival Opening Night airs Tuesday, August 2 at 8 p.m. on THIRTEEN.

Watch a preview:

  • Don

    Oh lovely! Thanks for reminding me, and for the cool invitation. I think I shall be okay, but will keep you posted.

  • Yves

    Nothing but gratitude for Channel 13 and their mission to radiate the soundtrack of creativity rather than destruction. Between the red light cameras, traffic, paid parking, deflated bank interest rates, higher property taxes, disconcerting international economy, unfathomable gasoline prices and non-existent jobs we are lucky to have Public Television. I remember a Nightline debate in the late 80s when George Will told our beloved Bill Moyers it was not needed as there were alternatives on Cable TV. Moyers answered that they were asking for a little more than what the Pentagon was receiving for marching bands. Get together with your neighbors and eat some fresh preparations from a community garden and celebrate life and Channel 13 ! Donate ! Love!

  • jane

    thanks for a lovely evening, a wonderful concert, nice interviews!