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Masterpiece Mystery: Zen Preview

By Michelle Michalos
Friday, July 15th, 2011
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Caterina Murino and Rufus Sewell (photo credit: BBC for Masterpiece)

This Sunday, Masterpiece Mystery returns to THIRTEEN with Zen, based on the Aurelio Zen mysteries by Michael Dibdin. The series follows Zen, an honest cop who brings justice to modern-day Italy, even when his bosses are on the side of the lawbreakers.

Zen stars Rufus Sewell (Aurelio Zen), Caterina Murino (Tania Moretti), and Ed Stoppard (Vincenzo Fabri). The series premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. with “Vendetta,” followed by “Cabal” (July 24) and “Ratking” (July 31).

Watch a preview:

Go behind-the-scenes of the series with the cast:

  • Mrs. Lea Frey

    Rufus Sewell is superb as the shy,honest Italian detective, Aurelio Zen. He has been my favorite actor since I bought the DVD of Middlemarch. He is almost perfect – almost because I had a bit of trouble understanding his soft-spoken dialog. This is minor, and I can’t wait to see the rest of this series. Please convey my compliments to Mr. Sewell for his very believable and sympathetic interpretation of the role of Zen. Lea Frey, Los Gatos California

  • sandra beberian

    oh i love Zen! i’ve heard of the book series. it’s terrific… also want to let you know that i just adore david suchet as poirot, and the best ones ever are halloween and murder on the orient express. you just scan’t find shows like this on other channels. you’re the best 13…and 21, thank you for showing sherlock. will be sending another contribution at end of month. Looking forward to downton abbey, too. thank you all, sandy beberian, bayport, NY

  • Alan Engvik

    I thoroughly enjoy your new series “ZEN”. It is in the same vein as your british mysteries but without the cockney accents and british backdrops. This series is a new version of the “Inspector Morse” series that entertined me for many years. The idea f an honest cop investigating conspiracies in Rome, has me emthralled and anticipating every move and turn in the plot. Thank your MASTERPIECE THEATRE and Channel Thirteen.

  • Kay Dorman

    Why doesn’t Zen have closed captions for the hard of hearing?

  • Annie Albro

    A masterpiece! Can’t wait to see the next episode. Thank you

  • Karol LaVerdiere

    Are there only 3 episodes? This is a wonderful short series. Wish it could be extended.

  • DC

    Finally a great show on tv, love it!!

  • Betty B Bandy

    The detective series “Zen” is the most refreshing series within its genre that I have seen in a long time. I emphatically would encourage the production of more episodes. While I certainly agree that Rufus Sewell carries the lead in an appealing and interesting manner, I must also firmly state that without author Michael Dibdin, the lead actress and other co-stars, director, script writer, cinematographer and other production staff, this wonderful series would not enter our world. But indeed I do look forward heartily to seeing more episodes of “Zen,” and other work castinng Mr Sewell. Thank you for broadcasting this.

  • robert moran

    We have watched every episode of this little series. Each one better than the last. The casting is magnificent. The direction is in itself a masterpiece. The writing is impressive. I cannot find a single thing wrong with this series. Rufus Sewell is one of my favorite actors. He is so talented and never overplays a role. The setting in Rome is fabulous. Goodby Morse, Goodby Frost, Hello Zen!!!

  • Karen

    Wow…what a great program…..sure hope there are more in the works. Great acting, great story line and perfect setting…beautiful Rome!!

  • Mary Jo Clayton

    I enjoyed all three episodes of ZEN very much and hope there will be more in the near future. Rufus Sewell is not only an excellent, subtle actor but also one of the most attractive men on any screen. The Dibdin stories are engrossing, the Rome settings to sigh for. This series brings a fresh and wonderful variety to Masterpiece Mystery (always a favorite).

  • Mary

    Why do the men speak with a British accent, the women with an Italian accent?

  • Priscilla Fossek

    would love to see more of Zen!! Rome and Rufus are meant for each other. Those of us who are hard of hearing miss much of the dialogue. Did Zen know his Caterina was married? Who killed the couple iin the car at the end of the film? How about closed caption option?

  • David Phelan

    Who was the actor that was killed first in the “Zen: Vendetta” episode? Was it Lenny Wolpe?


  • Inge Bondi

    This program has induced me to get some of the books in the same series, but Rufus Sewell beats them all. Love his way of not replying. This is the best mystery series that has been shown in a very long, long time. Makes Sunday nights at 9 a treat.

  • Kat Finnegan

    Rufus was fantastic as Zen. His cool demeaner, charming smile and quick wit made him even more lovable. Please, please bring back more of Aurelio Zen….best character on TV in a very long time!

  • Lisie

    LOVED Rufus Sewell as Zen! More, more, more!

  • Kathleen Shilgalis

    I love the series “Zen”. I hope that we have more episodes coming. The location sites are wonderful! I was almost sure that Rufus Sewell was Italian. What nationality is he? A wonderful character and an excellent actor to bring life to Arelio Zen

    Where can I get a CD of “Middlemarch.

  • Edward Gordon

    Wonderful series – but why is the sound quality so poor? Muffled, muttered words, fuzzy delivery.

  • leddy

    I enjoyed the Zen series and would look forward to more episodes. Rufus Sewell was magnificant as Zen. Zen is by far my favorite Masterpiece theatre series—so please give us more!

  • Claire Toise

    Zen,masterpiece ,chanel ,13 , jan.19 .2012.in the last scene ,who killed the couple in the car.

  • sarah Hodder

    More Zen!!! Can’t get enough. Please keep it coming! Rufus Sewell is fabulous – adore him.

  • Jennifer Canfield

    While waiting so long for Zen to return, I didn’t realize that when it finally came back it would be repeats! What happened? I though we were getting all new just as wonderful episodes. I watched the re-runs anyway, love the cast. But any chance we’ll get new episodes…soon… please!

  • Julie DiFranco

    Would love to see this as a regular series. Excellent program.

  • Karen Sterlace

    I am out of the USA right now I am in Italy but I was so addicted to Zen before I left that I watched the 3 episodes over and over. I hope when I get back to the USA there will be more Zen..I have purchased the 3 DVD’s and also Purchased more as presents to friends.
    This series is so well done.

  • Luann Reise

    Absolutely loved Zen and the setting in Rome. Please tell me we will see more of him. Saw the reruns but were expecting new episdes this year. Rufus Sewell is fabulous!

  • Grandma 5

    Would love to see more zen episodes. I really enjoyed them!