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Hey, New York: Let Us in Your Apartment

By Michelle Michalos
Thursday, February 17th, 2011
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Greetings New Yorkers,

We’re working on a new project about living spaces in the five boroughs — strange, ingenious, awful, beautiful, or unexpected. If any of those adjectives can be applied to your residence and you would like to be a part of the series, please send us a brief note describing it along with a photo or two. Even if you know of a place but don’t live there, send us a tip and we’ll check it out.

A Cape Cod-style lighthouse on the roof of an East Village tenement

  • Barbara


    We live on City Island in the Bronx. The landlords home is on the water, our apartment [and 3 others] are connected are connected to this home.

    Our view, facing west, includes the Throgs Neck Bridge and the NYC skyline. This is a new home. 6 Pell Place, 10464

    Unique island, rich nautical history, 12 miles from midtown, totally nuts…i think we fit the bill


  • addie baughman

    people who come to my place always say they don’t feel like they’re in nyc anymore. they feel like they’re in a “cabin”, “a cross between an old farmhouse and a yoga retreat”….450′ ft. with fireplace and big farm table and a bathtub that is out in the open. i did mosaic work all around the fireplace and bathtub. grow all my food on the roof and have a bee hive up there…skylights. i would be happy to send pictures.

  • esther nelson sokolsky

    My apt. house ( in which I was born), raised my children, have my grandchildren visit, and still live in) was one of the first Cooperative Houses in NYC, built by Russo-Jewish Immigrants, as a cultural haven in to which Art Studios, an Auditorium, Jewish Schools were originally buiit, and in which one art studio lived a sculptor Aaron Goodleman, whose friend visited for 3 months named Mark Chagall. This house was built when the Bronx was full of open fields, and these immigrants wanted fresh air and space for their children and moved from the lower east side. My apartment faces out into space….trees, birds, a reservoir ( which they are now supposedly working on, so it has not been filled with water for years, though I have tried hard to find out why to no avail.( dirty politics I assume). My apartment is larger than many houses, facing east, south and west, filled with my late husbands paintings,drawings, and photographs, and quite beautiful in its setting, spaciousness, settings and things we have gathered from our travels.
    Do come for tea…..I think you will enjoy it, and do look up my website which is http://www.grannypress.com. as I am a well known dance educator for young children, with many books and records to my credit., and now working on a project for Childrens” Librarians funded by 2 grants.

    I will be glad to send you some photos when I can get a young person to take some. Most people are impressed when they get here. Put on your walking shoes, as it is a walkup…and on the third floor.

    Esther Nelson Sokolsky ( 718) 548-6112

  • Mitchell Grubler

    My apartment, itself is not unusual at all, however, my view of New York City and beyond is. I live on the 40th floor in downtown Manhattan and have an unobstructed view up to and including mid-town Manhattan, river to river, Brooklyn, Queens and nearby New Jersey. It is amazing and breathtaking throughout the day and magical in the evening!