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Downton Abbey to Return for Season Two in January 2012

By Michelle Michalos
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
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Downton Abbey fans, despair not – the  popular Masterpiece series may have just concluded its first season on Sunday, but it is already set to return for a second season on January 8, 2012.

Julian Fellowes will continue as writer, and cast members Dame Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, and Elizabeth McGovern, among others, have also signed on for the second season.

THIRTEEN will also be rebroadcasting Season One on Sundays December 11 and 18 at 8 p.m., and will feature a marathon on New Year’s Day.

Watch a preview of Season Two:

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  • Myrna Tils

    Two years is a long time to wait for the return of the engrossing “Downton Abbey”!

  • Myrna Tils

    Please send Highlights by mail.

  • Michelle

    Hi Myrna -

    I believe Downton Abbey will be back around Jan-Feb of next year, so most likely it will be a year away. Still a while away though, unfortunately. :(

  • Arlene Druther

    Found Downton Abbey quite by mistake and was totally entranced……what great news that a new season will be done….I can hardly wait!

  • Rita

    I was just thrilled to hear that Downton Abbey was given a second life. Hate to have to wait so long. I hope they make the second season longer. Six hours is not long enough. Congratulations on this hit.

  • barbara Loeb

    I am outraged that you did not finish Downton Abbey NOW while we are all so interested. Who cares about 2012? This bad decision has made me change my mind about contributing. Would you like to go to an engrossing movie and then, when half through, told to come back next year for the rest??Whoever made this decision should be fired!!

  • Luisa Vivieca

    I am very sad that I have to wait that long for Downton Abbey again. Nowadays is hard to find great quality tv series like it. I hope we, the viewers will get the chance to watch it soon…. a year is to far away.

  • Karen

    These previous comments are amazing. PBS presents a well-received program and announces that a sequel is being produced so the response is to punish them so they can’t do more good programs because you can’t wait a year for the script to be written, filmed and edited. Downton Abbey is a UK product that aired there in September. Thanks to the good ratings there it was decided in October to do a 2nd season-otherwise the wait would be even longer. So lets have the patience of adults. PBS deserves your contributions if you deign to watch.

  • Frank

    Ridiculous!! Like Ms Loeb stated, whom ever made the blunder of having to wait until 2012 to see the continuation of “Downton Abbey” should be chastized. (not fired), This will probably will make this person to put on his or her thinking cap.

  • Rachelle Pachtman

    Not happy about waiting although I have two critical questions:

    1. Where can I find those fab straw cloche hats?
    2. Why are the women always having to be rescued? They were tough enough.

  • kathy schneiderman

    How could you do this to loyal Masterpiece devotees, i have been watching since Upstairs Downstairs 35 years and counting, how could you leave your faithful viewers hanging till 2012. i was so looking forward to last nights episode, and Emma was on. What was that all about?

  • Deborah

    I have no problem having to wait for the second season of an excellent series, but to have the first season end on such a sad and incomplete note is truly unforgivable and unworthy. It makes me wonder if the second series will end the same way. The writers should realize that it is possible to combine closure of a current series with a sense of continuity for the future.

  • John

    I agree with those who have a little patience and can wait for a highly polished second series. This is an extremely high calibre production of a type we have not seen in years, We are very fortunate that ratings were so high that the decision was made to continue the programme. It would have been impossible to prepare a second series “on the fly” without sacrificing the very production values that made the original series such a treasure.

  • Beth

    I too, was terribly disappointed to check last nights listings and find NO DOWNTON ABBEY!!! Understandably, it takes time, money and scheduling to provide us with such high quality entertainment. However, in the future , PLEASE let us loyal viewers and members, know in advance so that we don’t sacrifce other pursuits to stay home and watch.! ( I did re-enjoy “Emma” tho !!! ) It is posssible that we long time subscribers are totally spoiled by “Thirteen’s” wonderful series.

  • Chandra

    I can’t wait another year for Downton Abbey…..

  • Gloria Cordeiro

    Will Downton Abbey reruns be shown this year? I missed some of the episodes and would love to watch them all again. Thanks. Gloria

  • Myrna Tils

    Hi Michelle…Although I opined that 2 years is a long time to wait, I’ll do so willingly for such a worthy production. Perhaps I miscalculated: January or February of 2012 is actually the winter of 2011/12, whereas December, 2012 begins the winter of 2012. I’ll gladly defer to you, however.

  • elizabeth

    I expect PBS will run the first series again, as they often do; and those of us who enjoyed it this season will have a chance to see it again before continuing with the second season.

  • Michelle

    Gloria – Although there are no Downton Abbey reruns scheduled for the immediate future, I’m sure they will probably be re-aired close to the time of the next season (possibly even in the Fall).

    Myrna – I believe Downton Abbey will return around Jan/Feb of 2011, although I don’t think an exact date has been released. We will definitely post the details on Inside Thirteen as soon as they become available. :)

  • Edith Pullman

    I’m very much looking forward to the second season of Downton Abbey but I had a feeling of dread as I watched the last episode. After all, we have to expect that some of the characters (beloved and not) are bound to be killed in the war or as a result of the influenza epidemic that followed.

  • lin

    Very upsetting to have to wait until 2012 to see rest of this. If this had to be done because of financial problems than there
    should have been a announcement eplaining it. There cannot
    be any other forgivable reason as far as I am concerned.

  • Laura

    Mature adults don’t expect instant gratification. I hope the writers and producer take time to give us the quality we expect.

  • lin

    Cannot believe you will be finishing a series such as this a year
    from now. Unless you have financial reasons for this, which you should let us know, there cannot be any satisfactory justifiation
    for this. It’s really unheard of.

  • Amanda

    To wait a year will be tough!I will mostly have to watch the reruns to remember everything.If we have to wait this long it better be worth the wait.Are you listening producers?Please don’t let us down.Those of us across the pond are trying to wait patiently!!!!!Pleeeease deliver!


    Yes, I agree. Winter of 2012 is too long to wait. What’s the story?

  • Holly

    I think the author of this article meant Winter of 2011, not 2012. It’s actually October of 2011, if you want to be correct.

  • Holly

    To clarify…UK series 2 is in October, plus a Christmas special in December. It will air on PBS in the USA in January 2012.

  • Michelle

    Apologies for the confusing typo yesterday – Holly is correct, Jan. 2012, not 2011. Thanks for catching that.

  • Nancy Tobin

    I very much hope that in future Masterpiece Theater will refrain from airing a saga until its final episodes have been written and filmed so the entire series can be seen in sequence without interruption by devoted viewers. IMHO it does not do PBS proud.

  • Beryl

    I loved Downton Abbey and although it will be a year before it will be continued I will look forward to seeing it. I know it takes a lot of work and effort to produce such quality programming.

  • robert lyons

    what i don’t understand, is that there there was no mention of how many episodes there were to be for this season……….BTY, how many episodes were there……….I saw two. To not mention what was the last episode is quite strange!! I too, tuned in on sunday feb 6 expecting to see the next episode…….at least tell us!!!!!!!!

  • Ronda

    the Downton Abbey series is currently running if u missed some of it PBS has it for some of feb 2011 otherwise its available a couple of places if u just google it

  • Carmen

    Elizabeth McGovern was on Graham Norton on ! Jan. and she said they were just picked up for a second season. They haven’t filmed the season yet. If you want to watch same type catch the Catherine Cookson collection. they are of the same ilk, done by the BBC and very good. Netflix has them.

  • Thom

    I just can’t wait for a whole year untill the next episodes,…that is why I’m going to have myself “Cryogenically frozen”….when I’m thawed out it will be as if only a week has passed.
    Anyone out there cares to join me??? ;-) )

  • Lori

    I’ve waited longer for the Sopranos, I can wait a year for season 2 of Downton Abbey.

  • Marian

    I too am very disappointed that I will have to wait an entire year for season two! I hope I am able to watch then and I hope I can remember the first season’s stories. Downton Abbey is an excellent program. I have hopes that season two will appear before January of 2012.

  • Rebecca

    Honestly, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? I thought this was a mistake when I first heard. You keep the interest alive by pleasing the viewers… I could understand waiting till Winter 2011, but not Winter 2012. I think this is a huge mistake on their part, and a lot of people are going to forget about the show. Were actors already under contract for other shows/movies? Conflicting schedules can disrupt a program. I’m in America, and I can’t even watch Lark Rise to Candleford season 4! I wish PBS had the same schedule as the BBC.

  • Rebecca

    Now I’m confused.. this is from Wikipedia.

    “The second series will be composed of eight episodes.[9] Filming begins in March 2011.[10] The second series will air from Autumn 2011, and will be followed by a Christmas special later in the year.”
    We’re delighted with the audience response to Downton Abbey and the positive critical reaction. We’re extremely proud to have commissioned a series which has clearly captivated ITV1 viewers. Consequently, we’re thrilled to be announcing the recommission of a new series for 2011 which will allow us to spend more time with the Crawley family and their servants.[2]

  • John

    Whatever the screw up that requires waiting an extra year, it is lamentable as well as very disappointing. It invites speculation the producers or network or whoever made this lame decision did not believe the show would attract the audience for continuing the series. Quality programming (such as this) is SO rare. What a shame.

  • Elizabeth

    To clear up a few points:

    1. It will be airing in Winter 2012 for the UNITED STATES. Therefore, it will air in the Fall of 2011 in the United Kingdom, while waiting until January/February 2012 to air in the United States.

    2. This waiting period is about average length for a series that was just recently renewed. No one had any idea it would have a second season, so no one was prepared for a brand new production to be underway. They are writing/casting (newbies and any replacements needed)/constructing sets, etc. for this new one as we speak, and in all honesty, they are doing in good time. It is very difficult to write, film, and edit a possibly 8-hour period piece, and have it ready for production in under a year (October 2010 was when it was announced in the UK of the renewal, and they plan to have it start airing in the Fall of 2011). If it is really as successful as it seems to be – I imagine Carnival Pictures and ITV will try to renew the series earlier if the buzz permits.

    Also, does nobody remember having to wait over a year and a half for Cranford to return?!?!?! Come on guys, cut everyone a break. Good television doesn’t come around often anymore. Cherish was we get.

  • Barbara

    Downtown Abbey is streaming on Nexflix! Great series and I am looking forward to the next season. So much to continue to build a story on. I don’t think we have seen the last of Thomas.

  • Rachel

    i completely agree with those supporting PBS stations. They’ve strived so hard for years and they had no idea everyone would love the series as much as they did. We can only be grateful that we’re able to enjoy more!

  • Linda

    Please keep me informed. I love Downton Abby. I have seen 7 episodes. I hope I haven’t missed any. The characters are so wonderful and I look foward to seeing season two.

    Thank you.

  • Pat

    I have told so many people about this wonderful series and we are all in hopes that PBS will be doing reruns in the near future. I missed the first episode and really, really want to see it!

  • Delia

    Happened to come across on Netflix …watched all seven episodes back to back , i couldn’t believe how it ended now I find out I have to wait a whole year… Great series totally loved it

  • Michael

    This past weekend we watched all seven eppisodes on Netflix and absolutely LOVED them! This is the best thing since Upstairs/Downstairs! I am just glad there WILL BE another series of episodes! Thanks PBS and the BBC! We love you both!

  • Mary

    Brilliant! I had to watch it all in one go – it was the best show I’ve seen in awhile.. Loved Maggie Smith and her character with her hysterical quips. I hope the 2nd season will be as good as the first.

  • Jeanne Young

    I missed the last episode. How can I watch this????????????

    Greatly appreciate the answer as I found this to be and exceptionally presented series

  • Tamika

    Some of you people are amazing, and that’s all I’ll say about that. I absolutely LOVE this show, and will wait patiently for it to air again. PBS, keep up the good work. For anyone who missed any episodes, the entire series (7 episodes) is now available on netflix.

  • N L Grieme

    OMG! The demand for instant gratification exposes your age! We’re all human, not genies who conjure up whatever you want in less than an instant. Think of all that goes into the production of a series of this stature and be patient.

  • Shari

    Absolutely loved Season 1. I came across Downton Abbey randomly on Netflix and fell in love. I will graciously wait till the fall of 2012. Till then I will watch all of the Jane Austen and other period movies/mini series/seasonal series :)

  • emma

    2012??????? TO LONG!!!!!

  • Thom

    It’s too bad that we have to wait till next year, 2012,…..the world will end without us seeing season two…… :-( (

  • Annette

    It is not right, can’t wait till 2012 !!!!!!!!!!
    It is just 12 months toooooo long !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will be watching this new releases and the press and will try to get it first.

  • Ritu

    The wait is unfair!

  • Jack Daws

    “Why are the women always having to be rescued? They were tough enough.”

    The final episode marks the beginning of World War I. Throw those women in their “fab straw cloche hats” in front of the German guns for four years and then we’ll talk about “tough”.

  • Rachel Hockett

    This is the most excellent TV show since the stunning *Six Feet Under*; it is an utter revelation and a joy. Rich and complex writing and acting, like indulging in the most decadent chocolate. And to be made to wait another whole year for more almost makes me want to break one of my rules to live by: Don’t wish your life away.

  • Robert Killoren

    These proverbs come to mind when reading all the complaints. Good things come to those who wait. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. All good things are worth waiting for. To wait is not a waste of time. And finally: you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

  • Kevin Crane

    Dear PBS and Others Responsible,
    Thank you very much for sharing Downton Abbey. In recent memory, I cannot recall a better program. The writing, casting, wardrobe and music are spectacular. You should be proud.
    I am grateful that the ratings will ensure a second season. I look forward to each episode.
    The wait for the next season is quite reasonable to me, considering the decision to continue with a second season was contingent on the success of the first.
    Clearly, any complaints from disgruntled viewers should be taken with the consideration of their source.
    I hope that any viewers writing in seriously and vociferously lamenting the hiatus would also include their scripts, casting and wardobe choices, musical scores, etc., as well as a check made to cover all costs of the second season. Perhaps that might shorten the wait.
    For myself, I am unable to write, direct or produce a program of equal production value and therefore I shall wait patiently for the next installment of this gem.
    Thank you again for your time; you spend it well.

  • J

    Just so everyone knows – PBS only re-airs the show, so you can all stop blaming PBS for the delay in season two. This is a British production that PBS will air, but only after it has already been aired in the U.K. I suggest, if you want to complain about the wait for season two, you look up who the actual production company is and complain to them.

    That being said, I cannot wait until season two!!!!!!! :)

  • Maddie Cintron

    Great show! Beautifully made with wonderful performances. Could not stop watching, had to watch all 7 episodes in one sitting! Can’t wait until season 2!

  • kristina

    I found the show and took a chance to watch it. Fell in love with it on the spot!!! I can’t wait for Season 2 sorry to find out it is going to be a long wait!

  • Eddie

    Brilliant!!!……Found this show while searching Netflix. I’m not a big fan of “period” pieces but I could not stop watching. Can’t wait for season 2……..man; it’s going to be a long wait!

  • Wendy

    I found Downton on Netflix last night around 9 PM. I’m a huge fan of period stuff, became addicted in the old Sherlock Holmes/Jeremy Brett era. I loved it SO much I watched every episode, back to back!!! I was up until just after 6 AM!!! (Thanks to Netflix’s buffering challenges, I had to reboot several times every episode). I was enthralled and have never watched films all night long in my whole life before! Wow! I’m so tired but smiling.

    If I’d known it would be until 2012 before we find out if Mr Bates relents and marries Anna, or if the icky old earl comes back for that devious Edith, I would have savored them slowly. Drat!

  • Nina in Sweden

    Yes! I love this wounderful tv series. This is the best i have ever seen in along time!!

  • Ladyd

    I enjoyed this tv series so very much. I’m looking forward to season 2 (God Willing). The actors – everyone of them – amazing!!!!! Hated the bad ones and loved the good ones. Great, great show. I live in Sweden so please SVT let us know when season 2 returns. Thanks

  • Ladyd

    Were we watching the same tv series? Downton Abbey? All the women were remarkably strong, and when you think of that period – women’s lib was just a suggestion. No the women in this program were, strong, intelligent, sometimes devious, i could go on. But I did not see any “women needing to be rescued”

  • Tina in TX

    I think this was the first “good” PBS series opener I’ve seen which ended with an obvious “to be continued”. All the others have stood alone and although they each gave us a taste of the next episode (soon to be forthcoming) each episode was able to stand alone as an independent story, unless the next chapter was airing the next week as a part of a true mini-series.

    I felt cheated to have to wait for any aspect of the story to come to fruition for more than a year, and the disappointment made me want to wait till the whole thing had been produced to view any part of it again.

    Not bitter, just an all-night reader who cannot stand lengthy loose ends.

    Do better next time.

  • Mr. Bear

    Good Grief people! Throwing temper tantrums and threatening because such a “good” show wasn’t made on your sechedule? As only one person mentioned, you can’t make a whole next season until you have some idea how the first one will be received. So use the interim period to turn others on to the program. You can stream it, rent it or BUY the set (as we did). If you truly want to support good programs and encourage more, don’t you think that might be a good idea? I groaned when my wife asked me to watch this with her (not another ‘period’ piece), but by the third episode, I was the one suggesting we stay up later to watch the next episode! (But I do think O’Brian and Thomas were a bit over the top.) So, by the time the next season starts we should have a small fan club ready to watch the new stories. A nice thing to do with friends. I hope others might do the same! Oh, and Annette, please loan Emma one of your “o”s, thanks.

    Respectfully, Mr. Bear

  • Belinda in Idaho

    I’ve been surfing the web looking for the next season’s info. So glad I’ve not missed anything! My husband sat down with me to watch on the 5th episode and was hooked! I’ve sat through hours of westerns and “Dirty Harry” shows with him so was thrilled he was so taken in by this wonderful period piece! He was shocked that I devilishly went ahead and watched all episodes while he was at work. :) I told him I would be glad to watch it all again with him! Can’t wait for next year!!!

  • commonlogic

    Indefensible decision to not advise viewers in advance that there will not be even a partial ending and that they’ll have to wait another year AT LEAST to continue the series. It wouldn’t have required a grand final ending, but at least a ending of sorts with only the implications that a sequel or continuation would follow in a year or two. This is how these types of series are normally done. Like in “Cranford”, there was a fairly good ending but one that left room for “Return to Cranford”. I fully share the opinion of those who are sickened by it. Had I known, I would have waited until all the seasons had been completed and then would have purchased the complete set on DVD. I’m not sure I’ll watch the next season unless I’m sure there’s at least some sort of partial ending. They might keep dragging out and keep us hanging on the Matthew & Mary thing for another 3 years. It’s kind of like they want to soak it $$ for what it’s worth.

  • Katie

    SAD! Too long of a wait!!! But I will definitely be there to watch it come winter 2012. I was afraid they had canceled the show actually so I am just so pleased that there is a second season even coming out!!!! :D :D

  • Audrey

    If you watched Downton Abbey on PBS, I highly advise you to watch the show on Netflix, or buy the DVD. PBS cut out a couple of hours of the show so that it would fit their time slot. I hope that they don’t do this with series 2. I hope they can give the show the proper respect it deserves and show it in its entirety.

  • Audrey

    By the way, if any of you are into fanfiction, check out the Downton Abbey fanfiction that fans have written at fanfiction.net. There are some wonderful stories out there. It may even help pass the time until series 2 starts.

  • Sandy

    Bravo! I will gladly watch this magnificent series over and over again, and will do the same with Season 2.

  • Sharyn Meagher

    Loved the first season but am very disappointed for the long wait until the next season!

  • Lori

    Love it. I got the DVDs for my birthday and have been watching and re-watching while I recover from my surgery! Am very disappointed in the long wait, but it will be well worth it! What a terrific show and series! I can’t get enough! My son said if he “catches” me watching one more time he’s calling the doctor! Terrific plot, cast, and Maggie Smith, she did NOT disappoint!!

  • Gemma

    For all those who are disappointed about the wait, just think of it as something to look forward to. I know I am. :) Loved the 1st season, by the way. Bravo to the cast and crew!!!

  • Mike G

    We had a chance to watch the shows on Netflix an loved it. I am sorry to have to wait this long to see more, but oh well. Do love the characters and the writing is top notch.

  • David H

    We discovered that the PBS version actually deleted some of the scenes from the original 7-episode UK version, so we ordered the All-Regions UK version from Amazon for about $20 bucks as a “keeper” for our DVD library.

  • Doug R

    Relax everyone. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Season Two won’t be produced in a day either. Let’s all go out and get a life (although it will be difficult to have a life without Downton Abbey). Let’s patiently wait for the return of the many artful productions next winter … when we will need something to warm our hearts and bones.

  • Susana

    I absolutley LOVED this series!!!!!However, I must admit I am quite disappointed and agree with the above about the long anticipated wait…2012! Really? I have been in anticipation and decided to see if there was any news on season 2 and low and behold I find out the dreadful news…Winter 2012! I thought I would see news of Summer 2011. I am so sad. I haven’t came across such as good series since Anne of Green Gables. I guess I have no choice but to be patient and wait until I can savor those hours of well made programming. I hope they are as good as the first. Kudos to the writers and actors of Downtown Abbey. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward T

    I too find almost two years long to wait, but there are some reasons for a quality program doing this. The location home, a real English manor house, is often used for other events and the scheduling of the necesary time could be a factor. Also, getting the key actors schedules lined up will probably also be another factor. As to Series 1 leaving us in the lurch, it quite common for quality programs to leave the last season in cliff hanger mode. I mean, who can’t wait to see if Mary and Matthew get together before Matthew goes to war.

  • Monique & Brad

    We cannot wait! This was a marvelous series – so good that we’ve watched it twice! Looking forward to January 2012!!!

  • Vicki M

    Clearly, any complaints from disgruntled viewers should be taken with the consideration of their source.
    LOVED the show, worth the wait.

  • Debbie B

    I ran across this remarkable series @ Target and bought it for just $15…well worth it and spent a Sunday afternoon glued! I’m so glad to discover its a series and will continue…it is worth waiting for.

  • martha

    I will mark off days on the calendar the month before the series airs in the U.S. I’m on pins and needles, and so fond of this fine series.
    It’s kind of astonishing to contrast the fictional storyline w/ our current nonfictional viewer (consumer) mentality: they were entering war-think of the losses the characters would encounter,” true losses,” over the next three years. We-are beside ourselves at having to wait 10 months for a television sequel. Something odd about this picture?

  • Lucy

    I discovered this series on NETFLIX!! Loved it!! And am excited its not over.

  • Rocky

    I also discovered the series on Netflix. I just finished watching Episode 7 yesterday. I thought it end quite abruptly. Glad to read that there will be a Season 2. I gave the series 5 stars (highest rating).

    Martha: Losses the Brits (and other Europeans) took in WWI were staggering. Even Canada lost more soldiers fighting for King and country in WWI than the US did in Viet Nam. In those days, the Canadian population was only about 8 million (about the same as New York City currently).

  • The Dowager Contessa

    Waaaaah! For all you babies that are SO bummed that you have to wait a year for a second season, here is some news: You can’t do it overnight!!! Scripts must be written, episodes must be filmed and edited. Get over your need-to-be-instantly-gratified selves. Just be glad that there will be a second season.

  • Dr Bob

    As a passionate fan of PBS and especially the British Productions on Masterpiece Theater such as Bleak House, Pride and Predjudice, Jane Eyre, and Emma to name a few, I for one am thrilled to know that there will be a second season of Downton Abbey. Productions of this quality don’t come together overnight. I will be anticipating this gem until it arrives, and the anticipation of it will occupy a pleasant corner of my mind, to be brought out occasionally. There are so many loose ends after episode 7 ! One’s mind can be kept well occupied by those loose ends until 2012 .

    Take your time and do it well !! You are worth the wait !!!

  • Sherry S says

    To the whiners, I say “GET OVER IT”. I despair of the fact that there is nothing to watch on television. I have even wondered why I still have one. Suddenly, I am treated to quality acting, directing, and the wonderful writing of Downton Abbey, and I am comforted knowing the Brits have come through, once again. They are simply the best. I thank PBS for respecting the intelligence of the viewing audience.

  • Elly

    I just finished episode 7 about 30 minutes ago. Like many of you, I watched all 7 episodes in one sitting on Netflix. Can anyone recommend a series similar to this one that may keep me happily satisfied until Season 2 comes out?

  • Mary

    I figured that they wouldn’t finish the show up in 7 episode since very similar to the series Upstairs Downstairs. And the show is decent enough to make even more money on. At least, so far, it’s not like Upstairs Downstairs, where every episode, a year had passed and there are characters missing or new ones thrown in that you are just supposed to get used to.

  • Curli

    This series was recommended by a friend, so I viewed the 7 episodes on Netflix and was completely hooked! Superb acting and cast. The period wardrobe is exceptional! I am so looking forward to the next season in late 2012.

  • Bill

    I know that it’s very American to want things tied up neatly in a package. It reinforces our misconception that life is a series of neat episodes. Sadly, that isn’t the case. Life marches by. The first SEASON of this SERIES ended. No…we don’t know the final outcome of the character’s storylines which leaves us with PLENTY to look forward to. I’m a bit shocked at the attitudes of many of the posters on here. Do you gulp your wine too? Chill out! When Season 2 arrives, you will be all the more glad that they took the time to craft something artful instead of something awful. Otherwise, change the channel and go watch “Real Housewives of Podunk”

  • Laura

    I really enjoyed Downton Abbey. Wonderful acting and a well written story-line, what a gem!

  • Tammy

    I am so sad that I have to wait until Winter 2012 to see more of Downton Abbey. I am sure that it will be as excellent as the 1st season – BBC rarely disappoints me!

  • Maryll

    I just finished the series this morning and I’m in mourning! It will be hard to wait, but surely worth it! I just hope the entire cast is as excited to continue with the series as us viewers. Bravo PBS!

  • Marianna NYC

    … just learnt from a YouTube pal about the continuation of the series and I am seriously OVERJOYED – not only I watched it all in one night on Netflix (was up til 4:30 AM), but I bought it AND I am buying it for all my friends whenever a b-day comes up…I adore Maggie Smith (“welcome to the club”, right? lol) but the rest of the cast could not be more brilliant. So happy!

  • Marianna NYC

    PS: “What is a week-end?” is already a classic!!!

  • Kajsa

    I tthink William, Matthew and Branson all will die during the season 2 because of the WW I.
    They talk about personal tragedys for servants and masters in season 2 so I guess this it what will happen.

  • davefor

    Good thing that the author of Harry Potter was driven by artistic desire and success to continue writing. Too bad this one did not have the forsight to be driven to complete the story.And then too shortsightned that BBS and others did not realize the bonaza that had. Such is the plight of people tied to being practicable instead of driven by their vision

  • Dee Hollaway

    I cant wait!

  • Patricia White

    I, for one, am willing to wait, patiently, for such entertaining and quality art as Downton Abbey. I’ll be all the more grateful when it’s released. Let’s face it; we’re addicted and rightfully so! How will the war impact the plot? Will O’Brian get what’s due? Will that Mary ever learn? I look forward to warming up with my ‘old friends’ in the winter of 2012.

  • BluBen

    I simply loved Downton Abbey. I do not wish to wait until 2012 either – but alas I must! I stumbled on the movie thru Netflix, watched the entire series in two days, and will do so again in 2012 right before Season 2 debuts. Excellent writing, subperb performances! The production makes you want to know more about these actors, the period, etc. Dame Maggie Smith – unmatched!!!

  • Ellie

    The series was so well received (in both the UK and the US) that ITV is already murmuring about a third season. So, if we are lucky, we may have many more years of Downton Abbey to look forward to. As long as there’s plenty of Mr. Bates, I’ll be satiated.

  • Filomena

    I cannot believe that you would only air season 2 a year later. This program is a great program unlike most of our programs now. Can we at all have the program in 2011? Please place notices of when we can return to view season two and if there is to be a season three please do not have anyone wait another year!!!!!!!!!

  • Tanna Almond

    I stumbled upon this series on Netflix and immediately fell in love! The wait time for Seaon 2 is long. However, even if it was a three year wait I would definitely be back to watch! :)

  • Law Professor

    Excellent series. Just watched it marathon style on Netflix. I will certainly look for it in 2012. In the meantime, I guess I’ll read some Jane Austen.

  • Kerry Shantz

    I am so sad. It’s just that when you grab a hold of something as juicy as Downton Abbey, you can let it go! Like Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Prime Suspect, etc. 2012! I’m so sad. It’s not everyday you stumble across something so great. I hope others will note this show. It’s great and and wish there were more like it. 2012 (sigh) Why can’t American TV have this kind of quality!

  • RayT

    My wife and I are left wanting more. Quality programming. Great story, great direction, great characters, great cast. We cannot wait for season 2.

  • Judith Vardeleon

    I must say I was absolutely thrilled to find Downton Abbey; I couldn’t turn it off. It is a stellar production…….and the actors and actresses have more than done their job in creating the desire to see more as soon as possible. I will wait eagerly and in the meantime, dig out my copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and the Brontes’ lovely works….Bravo to England……..they are still doing wonderful productions.

  • Mary M

    Well, I too would love to have seen Season 2 by now, but anyone who follows Julian Fellowes, the writer, knows that he was having an epiphany just writing it. The story was born in his mind and just as we all waited in suspense as J.K. was penning her next Potter saga, so must we wait for Julian’s mind to expand the story. I agree with the earlier poster that we don’t gulp fine wine. It is taken in sips. I would rather wait three years for something timeless and perfect than get what Hollywood has been slinging at us for the past 20 years. There is nothing to compare with the BBC’s period drama or the quality in the U.S. and that is a fact. Let’s just relish in what we read and sit back and remember that Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford had already been completely penned in 1853 and started in 1851! Julian Fellowes is still alive and breathing and writing like mad, so give the poor fellow a break!

  • Ted Berry

    I had not heard of Downton Abbey until I found the dvd set. I ended up watching all seven episodes marathon style several times. Please do not change any cast member in the next season. Threaten, kidnap, sue, do whatever is necessary to make the same cast sign on. I fell in love with Lady Mary’s character; that actress can not be replaced. Elizabeth McGovern is, was, will always be wondeful.

  • April Hale

    My husband and I absolutely love this show. It’s going to be hard to wait that long!

  • Angela

    I adore this show. I’ve watched it twice now, knowing the end was coming and the episodes wouldn’t be out for a long while…

    As a costume designer, I can easily understand why the show isn’t going to be ready to air for another year. Please, understand that it takes many people to get a show like this organized, filmed, produced, and edited then ready for television. Be grateful that the splendid costumes and sets we’ve enjoyed will have to be modified to show wartime drabness. Also, period costumes take forever to make perfectly. Actors gain and lose weight and change at the last minute, even. Plus, the set design and locations can’t be set up overnight. It takes weeks and months, sometimes.

    Have hope y’all. It’ll be grand and swell. We’ll all be watching!



  • Suzanne

    That’s a long time to wait! I hope Your lady Smith will still be alive to play her role. I love that actress.

  • brent laswell

    Definitely the British GONE WITH THE WIND!

  • Lisse

    Downton Abbey is available through Netflix!

  • Karen Q

    My husband and I love Downton Abbey and have all 4 episodes saved on our DVR. It is calming to watch the programs over again, the acting is superb and the dialogue is memorable. We’re so impressed with everything about Downton Abbey and look forward to the second part. We do wish it wasn’t so long in coming!

  • Donna (Texas)

    I just purchased the first season from Sam’s Club…It was wonderfully done. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Trelinda Myers

    Like many of you, I simply loved watching Downton Abbey. And, I’m pleased to learn that we don’t have much longer to wait to see the second part.

  • Gael Mooney

    In general I am dismayed by how little air time masterpiece theater gets in your scheduling. It used to be aired weekly in its coveted Sunday evening slot but now is often replaced other programs such as Great Performances and Masterpiece Mystery. At times I have to wait as long as two months to see a single episode. While I can understand that you perhaps lack sufficient resources to produce new series (or to complete Downton Abbey in a more timely fashion) this does not explain the decline in Masterpiece theater. I expect your loyal fans like me would be more than happy to see re-runs of many of the great series of the past including revivals of the old ones such as Jewel in the Crown, A Town Called Alice, Upstairs Downstairs…and countless other unforgettable episodes.

  • Susanna

    When you love something you have to let it go….just watched second time thru….delicious! I wonder cam we tap into British tv to watch sooner?

  • Rod

    Wow people..be calm! Anything this good is worth the wait, the anticipation just adds to this great TV Drama

  • Joanne

    To help reduce the painful wait for season 2, I have been re-watching season 1 with all of my friends (individually). I first watched it alone… then with one friend, then with my aunt, and am now up to episode 5 with my cross-the-street neighbor. It’s so wonderful to have this available on Netflix, streaming to my living room TV. And I’m also catching up on missed episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs and other BBC classics. Nothing matches Downton, but it helps.

  • Jessica

    My mom and I were upset where season one ended and not knowing that it was so new we proceeded to look for the second season, how sad we were when we found out how long we would have to wait. :( But how happy we were that there was another season coming! :)

  • Debra Boehlke

    Loved this series! Great set, great actors, great dialogue, great story line! Hurry back! Is there any way to email me when it available for viewing in U.S.?

  • Margo

    Have just completed viewing Downton Abbey – the ending definitely had me hoping for more and I’m so glad to see that more is indeed on the way. I can’t wait!!!

  • Laurie

    I love how everyone sounds while reading these comments. We all sound like we’ve stepped out of the early 1900′s…and yes, I was quite disappointed that Downton is to return in 2012, however I am over joyed to hear of its return nonetheless! It gives one something to look forward to! Lovely performances, beautiful locations and mesmerizing costumes; I love Downton and look forward to season two!!!! ♥

  • Anglophile-J

    My fellow Americans, get a grip! We’ll see the second season **early** in 2012, i.e., in less than one year. As others have pointed out, it will air here after it’s shown in the U.K. in the winter of 11-12, not 12-13. No, I don’t understand why it can’t be shown simultaneously in both countries, but that’s the way of Masterpiece.

  • Marcia Lee

    Such a rich depiction of an amazing time! As may have been the intention, I’m hooked. I’m glad I will not be left wondering what happened to all the superbly realized characters after the declaration of war was announced. I suppose viewers could be left to their imaginations for the conclusion of all the story lines, but I am so glad Mr. Fellowes will provide us with his excellent story telling instead. As so many have said previously, I can hardly wait. Hopefully, the second season will have a more satisfying end.

  • mark harrigan

    I can’t wait! My wife and I loved this. We thought there might have only been one season; at least there will be another…we will wait.

  • Ellana

    Just watched Downton Abbey for the first time and absolutally loved it!! I am so pleased that there will be a second season to such a wonderful series. I offer the highest praise to the wrighter and actors of such high quality work! Can’t wait to see what you do next !

  • Patricia

    Hurry Up! Don’t make me move to England.

  • Terisa

    I found “Downton Abbey” by mistake while channel surfing. My husband and I were immediately hooked!! Can’t wait to see how everyone’s characters play out. GREAT CAST!!

  • JoAnn

    You have got a REAL HIT here. I’m just glad there will be a second season. There were so many “to be continued” stories in the first season. I am looking forward to it. I only discovered it in June 2011, so I don’t have as long to wait as some. Thanks for the great work.

  • biv

    Like everyone else, I’m devastated I have to wait a whole year to watch what is a very good show. I hope the producers take note of how we all feel? Its a great show.

  • jojo

    I liked Downton Abbey alright, but felt that much of the drama was over the top and manufactured. Like the Indian guy in ep 3??? Whaaaa? So silly! And the finale just had me rolling my eyes all episode. Miscarriage? Ridiculous misunderstandings that lead to a breakup? What is this, high school??

    I’ll probably still watch season 2 because I’d like to know what will happen to some of the characters, plus what will the new blood bring? Especially excited about Iain Glen who is just awesome (loved him in HBO’s Game of Thrones this summer).

  • Rachael

    I came across Downton Abbey through Netflix and have been engrossed the last three night watching episodes to the early morning. I cannot believe I have to wait until 2012 to continue the season. Torture! Elizabeth McGowen and Maggie Smith are excellent as well as the rest of the cast. The storyline is terrific. MORE, please.

  • Kitty Brilliant

    We just watched Downton Abbey for the second time and cannot wait for the second series. The acting is outstanding and costumes, settings and music just make it all the better. We are looking forward to more evenings of pleasure. I love England and I love English series.

  • Tania

    I’ve just finished it this hour and went looking for season 2. I hope the decision makers read this thread. PLEASE GIVE THE VIEWERS CLOSURE THIS TIME! Surely if you can create such a great series, you can end it alot better than you did Season 1. Trust that we would have kept watching and you wouldn’t have so many complaints.

  • Charlene

    I just finished watching this excellent series and went looking for the next episode because I couldn’t believe a series would end with absolutely NO CLOSURE. I felt like the story line was cut off in the middle of a chapter. Since they originally had no plans for a 2nd season, hence the delay, it makes me question whether the author will end the next season just as poorly.

  • Linda Arbaugh

    I found season one of Downton Abbey at my local library and was enchanted. The setting, costumes, and wonderful acting all make this a very classy production. I look forward to seeing more episodes of this engrossing story – no matter how long it takes to get them to the public.

  • carol

    A year to wait for another Downton fix. Its too long

  • RedNeck

    I likes that show for educating me on proper manners.

  • Sue

    FYI: the entire first season can be streamed on Netflix.

  • Marie

    I find the British do the period pieces very well. I found Downton Abbey on Netflix and watched all 7 episodes in a single day. I can’t wait for it to return.

  • Marianne Henneman

    Sadly I found some of the chastising here a bit much.. While some people stating that they could not wait seemed to be just whining, give them a break.. You don’t know what is going on in their lives. Stage 4 cancer? Really old age? Why post such negative responses? Such judgemental responses. If you think someone is whining, leave off the holier than thou attude and just ingnore. Works for me..

  • Kathrine

    I stumbled upon the DVD series of Downton Abbey at Target one day. I am a nut about period pieces. My whole family loved watching the entire thing, and yes, like all of you we were yelling at our television at it completion…”That can’t be it!!!”…”What happens to everyone?!!”
    I am now a crazed fan. I cannot wait till the next series comes out. Please make it terribly long and complete. I want to know what becomes of every character. Thank You So Much for such a great piece of cinema!

  • Anthony

    My girlfriend and I just found Downton Abbey on Netflix. We couldn’t stop watching. We watched all 7 episodes in two days. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn shame we have to wait. Please never stop making it the best you can bbc.

  • Melton

    Downton Abbey is my favorite of all times and Hugh Bonneville could not have been better. I am so looking forward to the next episodes. Can’t wait!!

  • Helen

    Worth the wait.

  • Tamsin

    Carnival Films is NBC owned–read US owned. Yet, we are waiting 4 months longer than the UK for its season 2??? Unreasonable and inexcusable.

  • Suz

    Well, I live in UK, and had never even watched the first series, but since the whole country has been going crazy for it, I decided to watch the first of the second series which was aired here on Sunday night – have to say that it’s truly amazing. I’m hooked now – will have to buy the first series on dvd whilst I am waiting for nexy Sunday night :) I think there are some clips on youtube already :)

  • Suz

    In response to my previous comment – this is the link for the 1st episode of the 2nd series in UK


  • Pat Guilbet

    While you are waiting for Downton Abbey 2 get Gosford Park out on DVD – also written brilliantly by Julian Fellows,

  • Susana

    Winter 2012? Is that Jan/Feb 2012 or Dec 2012? Anybody know?….

  • kell

    does this mean australia in january 2012? have waited and waited keen to watch the next season!

  • Robert Price

    I would like to get printout of Downton Abbey, but can’t find it to print it out, please help.

  • Thom

    WELL,…season 2 is finally here. Last Sundays 2 part episode was well worth the wait, looking forward to next Sunday….^_^

  • Amanda Ruimveld

    When will the second season become available on Netflix. PBS does not come in, in my area. :( I love this show. It made passing a kidney stone so much more enjoyable.

  • EF

    Missed the first epidsode of Season 2–when will it be aired again?

  • Kathy

    Missed the first episode of Season 2(aired January 8th)-when will it be aired again?

  • Judy Warner

    One thing I didn’t see mentioned by the Complainers — THE MONEY ! Did you consider that the British production company may not have been able to get the INVESTMENT COMMITMENT for Season II until they found out that Season I WAS A HIT? After they knew that, they could dive in and start planning Season II.

    It is hard to wait, but worth it. I suspect the British company has done its best to get this complex production to us as soon as they could. BRAVO to the creators of Downton Abbey!

  • Rena’ Simmons

    I missed Jan 15 episode # 2, Season 2. How do I download it ??

  • Rena’ Simmons

    I am so enjoying the Downton Abbey Series. I wld like to Download #2, Jan 15th episode, ’cause I missed it.
    thank you.

  • Jamie

    Downton Abbey was the best period piece my wife and I have seen in years! I’ve told many of my friends at work about it, and they had already tuned in, and loved it also. We have always loved our British cousins here in America, and we salute the creators of Downton Abbey for drawing out such superb characters. Each of the actors embodies and presents their characters with such a realness. They were superbly chosen to portray their parts, as well as to present the nuances of a class culture society.
    Finally, the settings are displayed as if they were paintings in some of the scenes. Well done!

  • faye

    I didn’t know about Downton Abbey until a few weeks ago.I love it! I’ve been watching episode after episode on Netflix. I have always been a fan of Maggie Smith.She is wonderful !!! So happy it’s coming back.



  • Laura

    PBS has done well and created an -amazing- series once again. Bravo! And clearly it is the addictive drug of period piece drama or else the addicts wouldn’t be so demanding when having to wait for their “fix”; a testament to the show’s quality. All good things come to those who wait. Thank you to all involved for this gem!

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