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Preview Scene from Downton Abbey: Episode Three

By Michelle Michalos
Friday, January 21st, 2011
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Downton Abbey returns to Masterpiece Classic this Sunday with Episode Three.

As Matthew grows into his role as heir, he brings out the bitter rivalry between sisters Mary and Edith.  Meanwhile, servants Thomas and O’Brien scheme against Bates, and housemaid Anna becomes increasingly attracted to him.

Downton Abbey stars Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, and Elizabeth McGovern.

Episode Three airs Sunday, January 23 at 9 p.m. on THIRTEEN.

Watch a preview here:



  • Michelle

    Hi Jennie -

    Downton Abbey is in a different format for US television, so there are 4 episodes with no commercials (6 hours total), rather than the 7 episodes aired in the UK. The 4th episode will air this Sunday at 9 p.m.

  • Eileen

    Is the 4th Episode the last one?

  • Michelle

    Hi Eileen -

    Yes, episode 4 is the last of the series.

  • Eileen

    Wonderful Series Thank you

  • sandy beberian

    oh i just love downton abbey. really love the british programs, like emma and sense and sensability. this one is so interesting. i’ll be making another donation very soon. hope to see more episodes of downton abbey in 2011. also, thank you for showing emma and sense and sensability again-i look ahead in program guide. i watch many reat shows on 13 and 21: newshour, nova, sherlock holmes, many more. thank you so much for so many fine programs.

  • christine

    when will episode three be re-shown on pbs?

  • Michelle

    Hi Christine,

    Episode Three won’t be re-airing anytime soon, but it is available to watch online: http://watch.thirteen.org/video/1754523170.

  • Ann

    When will episode 4 be available on line?

  • Michelle

    Ann -

    Episode Four is now online here: http://watch.thirteen.org/video/1767519080

    It will also be re-airing tonight at 9 p.m. on WLIW21.

  • Helen Chartrand

    Really enjoyed Downton Abbey. When will Season 2 begin?????

  • Josephine

    When will episode four be shown on thirteen?

  • Michelle

    Helen -

    Season 2 will begin Winter 2012 (the exact date hasn’t been announced yet): http://www.thirteen.org/insidethirteen/2011/02/02/downton-abbey-to-return-for-season-two-in-winter-2012/

  • Michelle

    Josephine -

    Episode four won’t be airing any time soon on Thirteen, but it is available to watch online through Feb. 22 here: http://watch.thirteen.org/video/1767519080

  • Curious in New Mexico

    I watched Episode five from Netflix and there seemed to be a storyline that was not aired on PBS — regarding the stolen snuffbox. Did I just miss that on Masterpiece Classic or was some material edited to pare it down to four episodes?

  • Marge Orgonas

    When will episode 5, 6, 7, be aired if not can the episodes be purchased. I was so much wanting to see the continued series. It was great watching such a wonderful show for a change.

  • Jen Coghill

    Thanks for pointing that out, “Curious.” I noticed the same thing and just thought I was confused. But it does seem like there was a scene or two in the Netflix episode 4 or 5 ( ie the British 7-episode version) about a stolen snuffbox that was not in the four-episode Masterpiece Classic version.

    It was SUCH an awesome miniseries, though. I looked forward to each new episode!

  • katherine

    Looking forward to viewing Episodes 5-7, where are they?. This is what television should be, an escape into a world not your own. This is truly enjoyable classic filming, direction & production – nothing short of a masterpiece at its best ! Such talent, art, drama, not to mention the superb acting and costume of its era. Downton Abbey captivates and transcends the mind into a new dimension, another space in time & different atmosphere of life. Please keep classic miniseries like this one coming to air on WNET. Bravo.

  • Karen

    Sept 12, 2011 … I noticed a story in the FT Weekend this last week … about the filming of the next series …. I didn’t see anything yet, so will have to visit Netflix soonest.

  • Beverly Roberts

    February 25,2012 . I am totally in love with all the characters in Downton Abbey, especially Matthew, Mary, Anna and Mr Bates. Having grown up in a former British colony myself, I’m totally enamoured with the historical and indeed, all other aspects of the series…I could go on and on…however, i read a little of what to expect in Season 3, and I can’t see how any newspaper magnate in that day and age could have threatened to expose someone with photographs taken at a so-called ‘Game’. Photography was not nearly as sophisticated, nor as intrusively simple as it is in our day…how would the people NOT have known that they were being photographed. much more to have them published in those days? Aristocrats were whispered about, but no one published their private business…think of the Wallis Simpson affair, and later, John F Kennedy. So isn’t that a bit before its time? Also, I”m so disappointed that a suitable husband won’t be found for Lady Edith! I just hope that the series doesn’t descend to the ‘everything out there’ lengths that some of the ridiculous sitcoms we are subjected to in America often do. I think the suggestion that Thomas is attracted to men, is so much more discreet, and much more reflective of the time that the series portrays….I wonder how many agree with me, unless of course, you want the next Season’s episodes to be a complete surprise! I can’t believe we’re NOT going to see a happy Matthew and Mary, and their everyday lives, along with those of everyone else, like Lady Sybil and her ex chauffeur husband, as time and changing thinking moves the series along…at least we know wnat to expect from Maggie Smith’s character, don’t we?