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Tavis Smiley Partners with WNET

By Michelle Michalos
Monday, December 20th, 2010
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Tavis Smiley

Host Tavis Smiley has entered into a new co-production partnership with WNET to continue production on his popular national talk show, Tavis Smiley.

The program will continue to film in Los Angeles, with occasional tapings at the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center.  The partnership was announced at the Tisch WNET Studios by WNET President and CEO Neal Shapiro and Tavis Smiley.

Tavis Smiley features interviews with a unique mix of newsmakers, including  politicians, entertainers, athletes, and authors.  The show debuted in 2004, and is about to embark on its 8th season with PBS.

Tavis Smiley airs weeknights  at midnight on THIRTEEN.

Watch Smiley’s recent interview on At the Paley Center:

Watch Tavis Smiley‘s special report on New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans: Been in the Storm Too Long:

  • Paull Giddings

    I’m sure the “partnership” with Tavis Smiley means something to you, but it mystifies me. Haven’t I been seeing him (and not greatly enjoying his center-right politics) for years?

    When you make a big announcement, may I suggest that it should make sense to your viewers as well as to yourselves?

  • Corinne McGeorge

    The only time I see scheduled for Tavis Smiley’s program is MIDNIGHT..
    Can’t you people find one hour some where during the day, so that the rest of us normal folks, who don’t stay up the entire night, can enjoy his show? I think he’s great… I’d just like to see him more often.
    Many thanks

    Corinne McGeorge

  • Arlene Fuccillo

    I’m sure that you will clarify the “partnership”. That said, I look forward to the Tavis Smiley program every night. It is diverse, educational, and entertaining. It is unfortunate that he only has such a short time to interview his guests. I have yet to be disappointed with Tavis or any of his guests.

  • Christopher Calabro

    Thank you for extending the contract for Mr. Smiley’s program on WNET. I have enjoyed the show for many years!

  • Kevin O. Grier

    Don’t tell me , that Tavis is now going to be subjugated and exploited into ‘Late-night TV” fanfare at midnight! If the man is truely great, and he has something of substance to say, why isn’t he on prime-time? Don’t you think we ought to see and hear more of him, I mean it’s bad enough that Gil Noble is so marginalized on ABC, with all those ads, and having to get paid…get real about Tavis, or get off the block!

  • rochelle busch

    As a long-time supporter of 13 and a true admirer of the wonderful programming, the only negative I can think of is the Tavis Smiley Show–and I have expressed my amazement, in person and in writing, as to why this man, who seems very nice, but totally inept and uninteresting as an interviewer, Unless he has an impressive guest, it is really uninteresting and I turn it off. It is especially ridiculous since he follows the marvelous Charlie Rose show and often has the same guest on, i.e. last week Gordon Brown was on both programs back to back. I am amazed at this news and very disappointed.

  • Sam Nurse

    I don’t know what effect “partnering” will have on his shows, but I look forward to watching him for many more years. As an interviewer I find him refreshing and penetrating.

  • Motague Miller

    I enjoy Tavis Smiley’s indepth questions and ease of interviewing. I appreciate his intellectualism and his varied choice of guests are refreshing. Also his sincere interest in his guests comes across. I would like to see him in a prime time slot and right now I am thankful for my DVR.

  • Diane Capers

    Requesting: Time Change for Tavis Smiley’s program!
    The show is informative and absorbing, but Tavis. doesn’t have enough time to go in depth! How about a 60 minute shot? What does this partnership mean?
    12 Midnight is too late to view the show. I am a supporter of Ch 13 and would appreciate some movement and a response to my suggestions.

  • Nannash

    This is a great move for The Tavis Smiley Show. He is one of a kind, and I love his conversation and easy going listening and love vibe. Bravo!!!!!!!
    The Best is Yet to Come!!!

  • Kevin O. Grier

    Like I said before, CH 13 needs to be aggressively pioneering for all its viewers. The network needs to assist all viewers from witnessing the persistent muzzling of Black men who have something of substance to say! 12:00 midnight is sweeping the real Black media journalist further under the rug, where’s Jesse, where’s Sharpton, where’s Larry Elder, where’s Arsenio! We’ve all become too familiar with their demise…timeout!

  • Kevin O. Grier

    I forgot this comment…Congrats to Cavuto and Fox for continuing to air Charles P.He’s another strong, intelligent Man, who needs to be heard more!

  • myra levine

    my husband and i are retired and look forward to watching travis at 1 pm followed by charlie rose. we turn the tv off after that. i’m not sure what this partnership means, but i’m sure it is a good thing.

  • myra levine

    i wish you had proofed my comment i ment TAVIS

  • Donna C.

    I admire Tavis’s relaxed, intelligent style of interviewing and would like to see it extended to an hour and at a more convenient time.

  • David Chowes

    Tavis Smiley listens and is interested in his guests. He has been a welcome follow up to Charlie Rose and an edition to the PBS schedule for the past seven years.

    His one hour program last week preceeding the LA Philamonic concert featuring Gustavo Dudamel was very much appreciated.

    In the hour show preceeding the concert (and, during the concert), he accomplished many things: introducing classical music to the young (a group that is now mostly missing from concert and opera theaters); and, to blacks and browns. Especially kids.

    A paraphrase frome one of the programs: ‘If you play a violin, you will not carry a gun.’

    They both have accomplished a grear deal of musical and social importance.

    Two more comments: the Glenn Gould program was out of this world! And, the Met Opera telecasts are wonderfull.

  • Ned

    This is really because of the mess at KCET in LA. He was filming at their studios but KCET dumped PBS, which is why he had to partner with WNET.

  • -U-

    I think, it’s one of the best move’s you made, because not only are you taking “New York By Storm,” We the viewer’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan, may be able to be placed in a better, much better time slot! So, YES, Keep-Up the Good Work’s Tavis and May Our Creator Keep-On Blessing, You and All that are working with You, in the name of Our Jesus Christ :~).

    May We Gain Peace… and Love Our Brother’s, Through the Teachings of Jesus Christ!


  • -U-

    Yes, send me THIRTEEN Highlights by e-mail.

    Thank You

  • Ira Epstein

    Welcome Tavis! You’re the greatest! Please advise listeners that Tavis is repeated at 1:00 PM every day. If I wasn’t normally home at that hour, I recommend a DVR that will record the program whenever it runs.

  • -U-

    Since some of Tavis’s operation has moved to New York, that mean’s He maybe able to place Grand Rapids, in a better time slot, that mean’s , He will come into contact with new viewer’s. The people that are going to school, college and those on first or second shift. I think it is, a Great move :~)!

    May Jesus keep-on Blessing Us


  • Irene

    Is channel 13, the same in Los Angeles, on which I can watch Tavis Smiley?

  • Andrew S.

    To the people that want Tavis Smiley airing at a different time, it already does.

    It airs Weekdays at 1pm on thirteen and also archives online.

    I love Tavis Smiley, he’s a great host

  • Andrew S.

    To the people that want Tavis Smiley airing at a different time, it already does.

    It airs Weekdays at 1pm on thirteen and also archives online.

    I love Tavis Smiley, he’s a great host and Im estatic to see Tavis join up with WNET

  • don s

    Watch Tavis Smiley applaud “brother” Farakhan when he states that the only reason Dinkins attacked him was due to Jewish forces.
    Smiley has a right to free speech.
    I have a right to cancel my membership in Thirteen.

  • Alan Braverman

    For Tavis Smiley,
    I recently typed a letter, responding to your program, but…I believe
    it was deleted.
    My wife and I watch your show, on PBS. It is highly informative.
    Still, we are concerned about the Walmart ad, following your program.
    When viewing this commercial we see lanes and drives with the name.
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Suddenly, looming in the horizon, an ominous sign
    appears with the word Walmart.
    This one percent box store is known as an egregious violator of worker’s
    rights, and is anti union. To equate Dr. King’s, with Walmart, denigrate’s
    his fight for civil, labor, and human rights.
    Alan Braverman