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Turmoil and Triumph: The George Shultz Years

By Michelle Michalos
Friday, July 9th, 2010
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Don’t Miss Turmoil and Triumph: The George Shultz Years (a 3-part series beginning on Monday, July 12 at 10p.m. on THIRTEEN), which takes a look at the life and career of Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State, George Shultz. Shultz helped guide the State Department through the Iran-Contra scandal, Reagan’s summit with Gorbachev, and more.

Before tuning in, you can watch some of George Shultz’s appearances on Charlie Rose:

Shultz’s 2009 appearance with Mikhail Gorbachev:

Shultz appears on a tribute to Ronald Regan:

An appearance with Henry Kissinger in 1997:

  • Rowland Scherman

    Schultz was an empty suit, who worked for an empty suit (Reagan). He helped maintain the outrageous military budget that hounds us even today–spending more than the rest of the world combined.

    But Henry Kissinger is a bona fide war criminal, and it doesn’t look very good to have him on PBS unless that is what they say he is.

  • Lynn

    I am appalled to see this Republican PR complete with music and re-enactment put on as part of what is supposed to be a news show. The News Hour disappoints me more and more. I can remember in the Reagan years when PBS was a breath of truth and reality, Not so much anymore.

  • Michael

    Every word of this program was clearly written by George Shultz’s publicist. There was little attempt to hide this fact. How could this have possibly been considered an acceptable program for PBS? I am not writing as a partisan – only someone who expects a certain standard of rigorous investigation from PBS programs that appear to be works of journalism. I don’t expect PR-fueled hagiography

  • BH

    How ugly. I missed the beginning… was there no mention of his support for the barbarity of Central American militaries, or of his early attempts at rapprochement with South American dictatorships? Horrible.

  • mrbrklyn

    doesn’t take much to be a war criminal these days, especially if your Jewish

  • JJ Gildersneeze

    When the right-wing starts peddling their nonsense about “liberal bias” at PBS, you guys cower and start producing this sort of shlock to satisfy them. Don’t you realize that they won’t be satisfied until you’re out of business?