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NJ Governor Chris Christie Responds Live to Questions at Lincoln Center Studios

By Michelle Michalos
Thursday, May 27th, 2010
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christie2Tonight at 8pm, THIRTEEN’s Lincoln Center Studios will host New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a live Q&A, where he will respond on-air to viewer calls and emails regarding the state’s current fiscal crisis. Christie: On the Line will be presented by THIRTEEN in partnership with the Caucus Educational Corporation.  It will be simulcast on THIRTEEN, NJN, Public Television, NJ.com, and WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM.

Have your voice be heard by submitting your questions here: Christie: On the Line

  • post

    why is it that the public employees have to suffer the consequences of the politicians raiding the pension monies for years. they make the mistakes and take the money and we have to pay it back. how about going after them or putting something in place so that does not occur in the future. we in plainfield have suffered at the bottom of the salary barrel and givebacks to keep our benefits and we now get hit again. we have now had senior officers demoted. why not grandfather those that are near retirement as they cannot put other financial plans in place when they thought these would be their retirement benefits.

    how can your attorney general allow the police director to continue in his position after he was found to have
    solicited a male prostitute.

  • K Topjian

    Steve Adubato conducted a first-rate Q & A with Governor Christie. Nothing soft ball about this interview … but the Governor was up to it! He is doing what we desperately want our leaders to do – lead! NJ citizens are making hard personal choices and we need leaders who are candid and responsible in their duties to balance our budget. The Governor speaks not only with candor but with a great sense of humor!

  • Eve the Social worker

    I voted for you. i am disappointed. I serve the most vunerable people in New Jersey. People with mental illness. i do not make much money.i am busy working for New Jersey residents.There is a proposal to close our small state hospital that serves New Jersey people. Our hospital is the best best performing state hospital. This population of people should not be used an easy sacrificial lamb.

  • Bill H…

    This is the first time that I have heard Governor Christie at length…and all I can say is WOW!!! It was incredibly refreshing to hear direct answers to direct questions. Even when Steve wandered off point, Governor Christie brought the conversation back to the issues. I have many in my family and also friends that work for either the state or local governments. Like the Governor, I have been counseling them that like those of us that work for corporations, government employees must change their attitudes from a model of just protecting jobs, raises and early pensions to model focused on greater productivity, sustainability and balanced to state and local revenue sources.
    I look forward to the next Q&A…

  • Robert J. Fogarty

    Steve Adubato conducted a first rate and intriguing interview. By asking the tough questions; the people really learned some in site to how financially poor the state of NJ truly is. The candor between Steve Adubato who grew up in NJ and Governor Christie was very refreshing and gave the interview genuine quality. It is obvious that the poor financial situation in the state of NJ will create even more future controversial decisions by Governor Christie. I will be looking forward to future PBS Q&A programing conducted by Steve Adubato.

  • Robert Bruce Martin

    What a great program! New Jersey’s got a governor who’s going to do what has to be done, and not run away from all the terrible fiscal problems that previous pols have piled up on its citizens. And Steve Adubato was equally intelligent – and asked good challenging questions that allowed Governor Christie to discuss the real issues beneath all the normal political puffery.

  • HoldthemAccountable

    During the interview, Steve Adubato asked the governor about his his decision to not reappointment Justice Wallace. Adubato cited the fact that there were no particular decisions mentioned as a reason for his non renewal. At that point, the governor cited, once again, that overused phrase “legislating from the bench”. The governor then went on to say his decision had been made based upon “private” discussions with Wallace.

    Why in the world did Steve Adubato allow Christie to completely avoid his question? Quite obviously, “legislating from the bench” is not a “private” act- judicial decisions are of course public. The governor could certainly keep his conversation with Wallace private, but still answer this question, – “Yes governor, please keep that conversation private, but you just said Wallace “legislated from the bench” – what specifically are you referring to and don’t you owe it to the people of NJ to give them specific examples of f how Wallace engaged in that practice?”

    The governor is very adept at talking over people to the degree they become intimidated and I felt that was the case here. Please Mr. Adubato, next time please put your hand up and insist that your question be answered
    rather than allow the governor to answer the question he WANTS asked.

  • Joe Byrne

    Governor, You seem like a genuine person….frankly not often found in politics, in my opinion. I am a huge Bruce fan too but you have me beat. Anyway, I am asking what can be done to better help our children who suffer from disabilities. I have a 14 year old son, who is the apple of my eye, Jake, who suffers from Friedreich’s Ataxia. It is amazingly frustrating to get to “the right person” to help us. He has been hospitalized since last MArch and desperately wants to come home but every agency we turn to either does not return phone calls, cannot give us any “bankable” information, or simply says “no dice”. I do not understand. I need in-home services which I KNOW can be freed up, but I do not know how. It is even more irritating to know that this country supports so many illegals because it is “politically correct”. Meanwhile, my wonderful son is “punished” because he is legal. What can you do to help?

    Joe Byrne

  • Joe Byrne

    please governor help us.

  • Ms. H

    .Governor you talk about health care and public assistance. My husband and I are middle class and we can’t afford health insurance for our family. Why is it that religious organizations members apply for medicaid and food stamps. The religious state that they take a vow of poverty so they are entitled to it. Why do “we” have to pay their health care