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Video: Spike Lee interviews the creators of "Passing Strange"

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010
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“Passing Strange” premieres on Great Performances on Wednesday, January 13 at 9pm on THIRTEEN

Spike Lee interviews the Stew, the creator of Passing Strange, and his main collaborator Heidi Rodewald to give a look at the creation of the rock musical that rocked Broadway. The two discuss the magical closing night of Passing Strange on Broadway, the origins of the production with The Public, the importance of documenting theater, and their plans for the future.

Watch a preview of Passing Strange and more at the Great Performances website.

  • M Zonenberg

    I saw “Passing Strange” twice. The first time blew me away. PSTD!!!!!! The second time was even better. I would have gone a third time, but IT CLOSED!!!!!!! I have NEVER gone to see anything twice, before.