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What Do You Think? Troop Surge to Afghanistan

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
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In a televised address at West Point last night, President Obama laid out a plan to send 30,000 more American troops to Afghanistan in early 2010, and begin a troop pullout in July of 2011. Listen or read the president’s speech. What do you think of the President’s plan?

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  • Raun Norquist

    This entire action has been a fiasco from the start. The 9/11 perpetrators were and still are criminals and should have been treated thusly, instead of the crazy, immoral, wasting of lives, treasure and good will incurred by the detours we have sought over the last 8 years. We might take a page from Greg Mortensen’s Three Cups of Tea. It is the massive funding from Saudi resources that is fueling Al Queda and the Taliban and there wanton abuse of the madrassas system. Cut off the Saudi money and the beast will shrivel.

  • Nancy Moore

    NOOOO This reminds me of the Vietnam war, sending more and more troops, stop we need the help at home people are loosing jobs and hope with this economy.