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Share Your Memories: Senator Edward Kennedy Dies, Age 77

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
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Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the last surviving brother of an American political dynasty, died late Tuesday night at age 77. Kennedy struggled with a malignant brain tumor for much of the past year. Known as the “liberal lion” of the Senate, Kennedy’s career in politics has touched the lives of countless New Yorkers over the course of his 47 years on Capitol Hill.

Watch a video tribute to Senator Kennedy from the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and his endorsement of Barack Obama for president.

Watch a conversation with Senator Kennedy on Charlie Rose from 2005. Kennedy talks about his vision for America.

Watch a retrospective of Sen. Kennedy and the Kennedy political dynasty on The American Experience.

Please visit the Online NewsHour all day for continuing coverage, and share your memories of Senator Kennedy in our comments section below.

  • David

    Senator Kennedy will be missed – he was part of a generation of leaders that were respected; unfortunately the scandalous activities of Congress diminished the galvanizing effect of respected leaders, but I’m content to know that Senator Kennedy now RIP and no longer has to conform to the shallow process of today’s politics.

  • Donna

    Kennedy was the most dispicable and immoral man from the time he was young.He was an alcohlic and did things that his family had covered up for him. He is not a great person. I know many more people who did greater things in this world with out all the publicity.

  • Joanne Theodorou

    RIP Senator Kennedy… his direction will be missed by many, I think on this we all agree. We needed a “Ted” in the Senate i.e a democratic liberal, champion of the underdog… this is America, all sides are heard and respected. Perhaps his personal life was not perfection … but his intentions and energies were always for the better good. He left the world a better place because HE was in it. Condolences to his family, especially his children, who have their own health issues. Stay strong….

  • Betsy Burr

    In the midst of our grieving for the loss of a great senator, I was greatly disappointed in thirteen’s rebroadcast of an ancient (1992) critique of the Kennedy family, that spoke of the “shadow” the Kennedys cast across American history and left out many many signal achievements like Meals on Wheels and paid little heed to the moon landings. It felt like a hatchet job with a little window dressing from Doris Kearns Goodwin. I was very disappointed.

  • jean hershner

    For years I never held Ted Kennedy in high regard due to the

    For years I never held Ted Kennedy in high regard due to the Chappaquidick episode. It was watching the wonderful coverage and attention given to his demise that I realized how young he was and the consequence of immaturity all the while pushing him to accept responsibility that he wasn’t ready or experienced enough to handle at the time. How wonderful to see his growth and turn-round as he became the great humanitarian and family man he grew into. I grieve at his passing now and look forward to someone taking up the challenge of his gifted leadership to carry on the work he started.