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Video: Preview of FROST/NIXON: The Original Watergate Interviews

Thursday, July 30th, 2009
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Sir David Frost’s legendary 1977 interview with President Nixon is a landmark in television history — never before, and never again, would Nixon confront the issue of Watergate so directly, revealingly, and emotionally.

THIRTEEN and WLIW21 are proud to bring this historic media event back to public television for the 35th anniversary of former Nixon’s resignation in August 1974. And we have a special treat for you: all-new footage of David Frost, discussing the impact of his classic interview and sharing, for the first time ever, his personal reactions to this famous moment.

Watch this preview, and use the tools above to share it with your friends.

  • Jeremy From THIRTEEN

    Nixon engaged China with his visit and negotiated a ceasefire in Vietnam – but is it all overshadowed by Watergate? Viewers: What Do You Think?

  • Janet

    Could you please air the Frost/Nixon Interview one more time? Just when it gets to the admission of guilt, something happens and I can’t watch it.