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A Sneak Peek at the New Angelina Ballerina

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
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Angelina Ballerina™ The Next Steps will twirl onto screens across the country this September! Animated in stunning CGI, the series will feature all new music- and dance-filled adventures starring Angelina Ballerina, the little mouseling with big dreams.

Inspired by the best-selling children’s book series by Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig, Angelina Ballerina™ The Next Steps follows the now 8-year-old Angelina as she embarks on the next stage in her life at a new performing arts school, Camembert Academy. Angelina makes new friends and explores all kinds of dance, music, and performance, including ballet, modern, tap, jazz, ballroom, opera, and hip hop, as well as ethnic dances from around the world.

Each episode also includes Camembert’s Shining Stars, a live-action interstitial featuring talented young performers who demonstrate their love of music and dance.

The series introduces kids to the joys of movement, artistic expression, musicality, imagination and coordination. A team of accredited dance instructors and music education specialists helped develop the show’s arts education curriculum. Creative consultants from American Ballet Theatre helped choreograph the dance movements animated on the program, ensuring that they are age-appropriate for the characters.

Angelina Ballerina™ The Next Steps will air daily on THIRTEEN, supported by a local outreach campaign, and weekly via PBS KIDS nationwide starting September 2009. Click here to see a preview of Angelina’s brand new CG animated world!

  • Yonray2

    A perfect show that can live up to the expspecions of the origainl

  • Zeeb

    I think this has stripped the show of all the charm and innocence of the original show. I’m surprised the authors of the books signed off on this. Yuck.

  • Stephanie Jones

    I also can’t believe the original authors signed off on this show. The show has completely lost all of it’s original charm in this attempt to “modernize” the cartoon to obviously appeal to a larger group. The reason my children loved the series was because it was all about ballet. This is not Angelina Ballerina but a whole different cartoon all together! There are definitely worse things to watch out there, but we were definitely disappointed. Why do producers feel the need to take classic children’s literature, completely take it apart & revamp it so it has none of the content or illustrative artistic quality that made the original literature so great?? It seems like all cartoons are now implenting CGI technology, and, while very cool, I miss seeing the older style of illustration portrayed on screen so that young children can connect what they see on TV with the actual books. Very disappointing.

  • Virginia Montella

    I agree that the original show was far more charming
    and entertaining. The new one is shallow in design
    and execution. In an attempt to modernize the story,
    the illustration has little appeal. Angelina’s
    vocabulary is limited and her high-pitched “stupendous”
    is downright irritating. The voices of the boy mice
    sound forced and as if they are done by a female mimicing young male voices. It’s grating, as are
    their simply terrible fake “accents.” Please bring
    back the original.

  • Elizabeth

    My daughter and I agree. The original show is far superior. Please, please do bring back the original!

  • William Doggle

    Yeah, what is up with the really bad fake english accents? Are there no English actors left?

  • joan

    LOVE THIS ONE!! The original one is all winey and annoying. This new one isn’t so it’s a little more refreshing on the ears. LOL.

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    I was shocked when it was brought to my attention by my soon to be four year old who was very upset. This was one of our most favorite shows and we no longer watch it. We tried and if you ask me, they ruined all of it. I can only hope that they get enough negative response and they decide to bring back the magic. I am a 43 year old adult who actully enjoyed the show, just looking at how cozy the town, her house, her room was made the show so sweet and you actually wanted to live there. Bad …super BAD move on Sprout, I think the show will be a flop, and lose its viewers. At least I hope so.