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The new THIRTEEN.org: So what do you think?

Friday, April 17th, 2009
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from: Robin Edgerton, editor, THIRTEEN.org

It was almost exactly a year ago – April 15, 2008 – that our last redesign of THIRTEEN.org launched. A year later, we have a better picture of how you use our site, and have adapted a new design we hope will suit you even better.

More content!
Every day, we have more and more of our broadcast programs online, in full, and in high video quality, for you to watch any time. Our new design emphasizes getting you to these easily. For instance:
• For Nature‘s 2008-9 season, most of the episodes are, or will be, streaming in full.
Great Performances, for the first time, put their season opener, the fantastic King Lear with Ian McKellen, online.
• From Wide Angle’s Focal Point series to our own The City Concealed (about rarely seen spaces in NYC), we have more and more online original video projects all the time that you can only see here.
• We’re also digging deeper our archives. Before we were Thirteen, we were NET, National Educational Television. We presented some pioneering programs in the history of public broadcasting, and we want to share them with you. Besides our “Broadcasting While Black” project about early black-identity TV (which has some programs you can watch), we will be releasing the 1970 environmental series “Our Vanishing Wilderness” back into the wild (i.e. streaming online, in full), next week, along with Green Thirteen, a site that links to our environmental programs and articles.

New Inside Thirteen
To keep track of new initiatives, new programs, further information, and behind-the-scenes p.o.v.s, our revamped Inside Thirteen engages the whole team behind THIRTEEN and WNET.org to bring you perspectives and info on the station and our presentations.

And yes, it still will be the voice of our president, Neal Shapiro, but the blog’s circle of contributors expands to include our producers, reporters, and other contributors, as well as being a repository for announcements of all kinds, from kids’ events in NYC, to upcoming broadcast projects, and all manner of other information.

And lastly, we have more SOUL!
You asked, and we’re in accord: 3 new (old!) episodes of SOUL!, WNET’s stunning showcase for black music and culture of the late ’60s – early ’70s. All three episodes date to 1972. Taj Mahal, Cicely Tyson, David ‘Fathead’ Newman, and many more guests. Check them out now!

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

  • PJ

    The Thirteen website looks great, but the light grey on white doesn’t provide enough contrast for easy reading. Looking forward to checking out more SOUL! Thanks!

  • sxydee

    Such a great re-design.
    I feel everything is placed perfectly.
    Like the site a lot.

  • Peter Austin-Small

    We have watched Thirteen since we first owned a TV set. We have long been subscibers to Thirteen. We have had friends who have worked for and performed on Thirteen. As of today our cable company, Comcast, tells us that we cannot watch Thirteen; that Thirteen will not air in our neighborhood, which is Guilford, CT. Why? They blame PBS. They say we now need boxes on our TVs, even though we have cable. We do not want boxes. We value Thirteen. What can we do now?

  • Rick Sibirisky

    You guys keep getting better and better! Great redesign!!

  • George

    I just tried to turn on channel 13…told I need to get a box, etc. I HAVE a box, etc. It works for EVERY OTHER CHANNEL. But 13. I live in Brooklyn. What’s up??

  • Michael DiG

    The content is wonderful, but the design, particularly the font you are using, is truly terrible. Please go back to the drawing board.




  • Brian O’Neill

    The new website is easier on the eyes, less cluttered with additional white space, but it’s slower and clunkier. The new revamped thirteen logo lives me cold, especially in all caps usage. Makes thirteen look industrial, heavy, rusty and old. Type looks like something designed by German Typographer Paul Renner (Futura) back the 40s.

  • Barbara Schaflin

    The new format is wonderful! Keep up the excellent work..your programs are all ‘top notch’!

  • Rose Bernabucci

    WHERE ARE YOU??please answer. You disappeared from
    my TV and now Comcast tells us we need a BOX to watch you.Couldn’t you have warned us?? And I agree
    with your Guilford writer…we do not want a box plus the extra fee. This is a great inconvenience.
    We are so-o-o-o disappointed.
    Do we need to make a trip to Comcast to get a box? And since we have not been getting you, shouldn’t we get a deduction on our monthly fee??
    PLEASE ANSWER and or leave a phone number.

  • Robin from Thirteen
  • m campbell

    So many of us are angry that we can no longer get channel 13. Comcast doesn’t give corrent info on how to get it until after they have installed a box – then it seems we have to get a HD tv. Dont bother sending any more requests for money to us in North Haven, Ct

  • Arlene Herring

    I was just going to complain that Neil Gabler ran on so long before Run Silent, Run Deep he cut off the ending, but now, reading these Comcast cut off complaints, I’ll voice my utter disbelief that PBS & Comcast didn’t know this would happen to its customers. Almost every day I see on PBS stations a friendly warning to get the DTV box, but nothing telling viewers they’ll lose the station if they don’t in April. Awful.

  • john cappelletti

    Former President Bush tried but failed to say,”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” But it seems the Media can be fooled over and over again. How could PBS or any other station give Dick Cheney airtime? Since he was silent when he was Veep, he should be kept silent now. I don’t think we should be subjected to his “misspokes,” unless he speaks under oath. Under Oath!