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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
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Thirteen Blogger: Maura Thompson, Cyberchase Outreach Manager

For two years, as a teacher, I hoped to attend the Teaching and Learning Celebration. Who would have thought I would finally land my chance by working in the Education Department at Thirteen? My department, Cyberchase Outreach, presented at a Panel discussion and an “In the Classroom” session. Both presentations were filled with passionate educators, described by one panelist as “an interesting and diverse group of people.”

I was one of many people you may have seen with STAFF shirts and walkie talkies. Most of my time was spent guiding guests to their next session but I did have a few minutes to poke my head into sessions I found intriguing as a math educator. In case you were at other sessions, or missed the TLC altogether, here are some sessions I am looking forward to watching on EdOnline:

• Using Mathematics to Solve Crimes, presented by “The Math Guy” from NPR, Keith Devlin. He’s now the math advisor to the CBS show, NUMB3RS.

Karen Cator, from Apple. She spoke about ACOT2. ACOT was such a huge influence on me personally, I am excited to see this collaboration revived.

Edutopia’s Milton Chen. If you do not already receive this innovative educator’s magazine…it’s free, go sign up.

Dan Flockhart. More to come on him next month when I blog about the launch of Cyberchase’s Math & Sports initiative.

Lastly, I wish I had the opportunity to see Two Million Minutes. This documentary received a lot of attention from bloggers on my Google Reader, and many guests I interacted with showed equal enthusiasm. Factor in Bill Gates’ testimony to the House Committee on Science and Technology and the National Mathematics Advisory Panel Final Report released this week, and this movie should be on the top of all educators’ Netflix queues.

  • Blanca

    Maura, as a fairly new “friend” I was delighted to see this posting as it only reiterates for me how passionate educators are always somehow drawn to each other. You mention two of my favorite speakers: Karen Cator, Milton Chen and the Two Million Minutes presentation (which was eye-opening packed to the brim session). I hope to see you at this year’s T&L conference (at least now I’ll know who you are)! Feel free to hook me up with one of your walkie talkies to keep me in the loop – it’ll be hard to spot me amongst the many – I’ll be busy typing away in Twitter and FaceBook postings to see what people recommend as they flow through the sessions, and I doubt I’ll be the only one. Be well. See you Friday.