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The Spitzer Scandal Roundtable

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
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Last night, Thirteen’s Rafael PiRoman hosted a live roundtable discussion about the scandal surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. With reports from public television stations WXXI/Rochester andWHMT/Albany, Thirteen examined the situation and its possible impact on the state of New York.

The panel of guests included political commentator Fred Siegal; Andrea Bernstein, Political Director at WNYC radio; former New York City Parks Commissioner Henry Stern; Susan Arbetter, host of WHMT/Albany’s New York Now and Errol Louis, political columnist for the New York Daily News.

  • caroline hightower

    I thought your special program on the Spitzer melt down was terrific, and I thank you.

    I have been a member and will be. I DISLIKE the majority of your pledge week programming – I am sure it must bring in a lot of sentimenal money, but it’s schlocky – the oldy music groups, the smoothie musicians, the old old old, how much Jonathon Pond reworking old messages can one want to watch. As a result, when pledge time comes, I turn elsewhere almost automatically. Please please, you say you have an intelligent audience, when it comes to pledge week, please acknowledge and reflect it.