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  • Adopt-A-Watershed
    AAW encourages educational enhancement, environmental leadership, and community development with schools, youth education programs, community groups, and environmental organizations. AAW employs Place-Based Learning where participants use their place -- or where they live -- as a context for learning.
Photograph of teenagers white-water rafting on the Rio Grande in Taos, New Mexico.

  • Alliance For The Great Lakes
    The Alliance for The Great Lakes works to conserve and restore the lakes through policy, education, and local efforts. The organization also works to educate local communities of how they can help preserve the Great Lakes region.

  • Conservation Action Network
    The World Wildlife Fund's advocacy network is dedicated to protecting endangered wildlife, preserve wild lands and address global threats and challenges.

  • Environmental Resources Center
    This site offers a variety of programs to promote youth water resource education.

  • GreenCOM Projects
    GreenCOM is a USAID program focused on environmental education and communication. Currently, GreenCOM is implemented in over 30 countries in both the public and private sectors.

  • House of the Children
    This website provides educational and environmental programs on water purification, hygiene, and solar power to help improve the health and quality of life of children and families of indigenous communities in Peru.

  • International Water Resources Association
    A comprehensive database containing URL addresses and descriptions of water-related organizations.

  • Leaders Today
    Leaders Today believes that youth leadership is necessary to achieving a generation of committed and socially active young people. The organization runs international youth leadership programs that empower young people.

  • The Ocean Conservancy
    The Ocean Conservancy advocates for healthy oceans and protecting ocean life.

  • River Network
    This is a national directory of over 6,000 river and watershed conservation groups compiled and updated by River Network and the National Park Service.

  • River of Words
    Explore your neighborhood, watershed, parks, schoolyard, backyard, and wild places using creativity and imagination. Get to know the place you live using poetry, and visual arts. Become inspired.

  • Ryan's Well Foundation
    When Ryan Hreljac was six years old he raised $70 to help build wells for people who didn't have clean water. His fundraising eventually grew to over one million dollars. Ryan's Well Foundation works with partners in the pubic and private sectors to address health needs in developing countries.

  • Save Our Streams
    Save Our Streams is a national watershed education and outreach program.

  • The Sustainables
    Join the Sustainable family -- Lemony, Solaris, Sam, and Hydra -- as they help to save the planet, and learn what you can do to save the planet and make a positive difference in the environment.

  • UNICEF: Voices of Youth
    Voices of Youth is a cyber-forum where children and adolescents can explore, discuss, and partner on issues related to human rights and social change, as well as increase their awareness, leadership, and community building through active participation with peers and international decision makers.

  • United Nations Cyberschoolbus: Pumped Up For Peace
    Pumped Up For Peace helps communities around the world gain access to safe drinking water. Teachers and students learn about the challenges of obtaining safe drinking water, raise awareness about water issues, and fundraise to help other communities gain access to safe drinking water.

  • Water Action Volunteers
    WAV is a statewide program for people who want to learn more to improve the quality of Wisconsin's streams and rivers. Find materials for citizen stream monitoring, storm drain stenciling, river cleanups, and other action-oriented water resource protection projects.

  • Youth Water Network
    Learn how young people can make a positive contribution toward sustainable water management. The Network promotes "democracy, education, and solidarity" and encourages active participation in school and society.

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