Posted: October 2nd, 2008
The Private Role in Public Infrastructure: Opening Remarks

We in the United States have had increasing difficulty maintaining our existing infrastructure and building vital new projects. How can we close this infrastructure gap? Infrastructure—whether in the form of roads, bridges, tunnels, passenger rail, pipelines or power lines—is critical to sustained economic growth and quality of life. We explore the possible roles of private sector finance and management, whether as a complement or as a substitute for traditional government ownership and operation. Hear opening remarks from Jose Gomez-Ibanez, Professor, Urban Planning and Public Policy, Harvard University. This program was held by the Manhattan Institute.

  • Sam Silva

    I’m a civil engineer by training, now interested in financing models of infrastructure projects invloving large transactions. Particularly, Public Private Partnership models that were sucessful in the US and amid the impacts of GFC, other mechanisms such as givernment guarantees, Infrastructure bonds (both public and industry driven) and tax breaks etc.

    Sam Silva

  • Kailash N Anand

    please keep me updated on the above conference

  • Moinul Khan

    there are lot of talks on Public Private Partnership models for various project in Bangladesh, these are large
    infrastructure projects , I well come update on the subject,

  • Zeinab Camara

    I am interested in models of ppp model for a mining project with an important infrastructure component in an complexe developping country environment. Please keep me updated on such topic. Thank you