Posted: January 26th, 2008
Mystic Fire

On this day, Wim Hof — master of the Tibetan tantric practice of tumo, the ability to control the temperature of the body — broke his world record by staying immersed in an ice bath for one hour and 12 minutes. He was monitored by Dr. Kenneth Kamler, an expert in high-altitude medicine. Dr. Kamler elaborates on the psychological processes at play, and discusses them with Wim Hof. This event was presented as part of the Brainwave Festival held by the Rubin Museum of Art, dedicated to the art of the Himalayas.

  • merlin spinnewin

    Brown fat produces the heat during a cold session? Brown fat as a mystery. The adaptation
    of sea-lions to cold restored in the human body by Wim Hof? The Tibetans look like babies
    and they posess also a lot of brown fat.

  • wim hof

    Thanks a lot for this service, a lot more scientific data will be contributed in new coming research i.e. new lectures

    Thanks for publishing
    Wim Hof (Iceman)

  • The Breathing Man

    “‘…Normalisation of breathing immediately triggers a healing process…” Buteyko Trilogy Volume 1 Chapter 17: The First Handbook

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  • Wolfgang Abbas

    Great contribution. Thank you!

  • perspektif çizimleri

    Very intriguing points you might have observed , thanks for posting .

  • Radu

    I can’t believe that the doctor lied HE LIED about the ice cube experience.
    He changed the hands from right to left, and when that person asked “who actually did the all process?” he raised the hand.
    Why doctor why?