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Get students interested in careers in technology-related fields!

Thirteen/WNET presents WHAT'S UP IN TECHNOLOGY?, an innovative multimedia curriculum package that presents high school students with new and exciting information about technology careers and shows how what's learned in school applies to the workplace. The WHAT'S UP IN TECHNOLOGY? curriculum is based on a fast-paced video, designed for teachers to screen with their high school classes, and on a dynamic print Teacher's Guide, which combine to illustrate how technology can become a career choice and how internship programs can benefit both companies and students. The video and print guide are available for purchase; see below. This Web companion piece to the curriculum includes the following features:

Teacher's Guide -- A downloadable version of our print guide.

Lesson Plans -- Two Web-based lesson plans designed to use core math and science concepts and show their real-world applications.

The Screening Room -- QuickTime video excerpts from the program, including links to online resources related to each segment.

Discussion Forum -- A place to ask questions and share ideas with other wNetSchool members.

Ask the Experts -- A Q&A with our experts, updated monthly for the 1999-2000 school year, about how to expose students to the technology workplace.

Video Ordering Information

To order a half-hour videocassette and Teacher's Guide for WHAT'S UP IN TECHNOLOGY? for the price of $59.95, please contact:

P.O. Box 80669
Lincoln, NE 68501
Telephone: (800) 228-4630
Fax: (800) 306-2330

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