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DVD-ROM Workshop -- Dynamic learning with DVD-ROM technology
Why DVD-ROM for your classroom?
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Measuring Success--Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Assessment provides you with ongoing feedback on your students' use of the DVD-ROM in achieving your defined learning outcomes. An authentic task that encourages practical application will provide you with a clear understanding of students' mastery of concepts and skills. Additionally, it will help your students better understand the relevance of concepts to their own lives.

Plan your assessment to align with the learning outcomes you determined in the planning stages for using the DVD-ROM with your students. Ask yourself the following questions to help focus your objectives:
  • Who is in charge of the learning? Is the learning student-directed? Are students becoming knowledge builders?

  • Will students get to explain their points of view and analyze what they have learned?

  • How will students be expected and allowed to present their learning?

You may want to consider the following assessment suggestions:
  • Observe students as they work independently or in groups to determine if inquiry-based strategies are being used and if desired outcomes are being achieved.

  • Assess follow-up homework and other extension assignments to determine if students are successfully applying the specific skills or information learned.

  • Engage the class in a discussion of ideas. Have students pose questions and defend their opinions as a means of assessing their ability to communicate what they have learned.

  • Encourage peer review as a way for students to think critically about their own work and that of others.

Assessing Student Learning--Sample Rubric is a resource for observing and tracking student performance and progress.

For in-depth information on inquiry-based learning, check out Thirteen Ed Online's free Concept to Classroom workshop Inquiry-based Learning, http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/concept2class/month6/index.html