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DVD-ROM Workshop -- Dynamic learning with DVD-ROM technology
Why DVD-ROM for your classroom?
First steps and best practices
Measuring Success
Technical Troubleshooting
Resources for further explorations

First Steps and Best Practices
Planning for What You Want to Accomplish

Technology enhances teaching and learning, but it doesn't replace what you already know. Don't get caught up in the technology. Instead, use the instructional methods and best teaching practices you always use and apply them to the latest technology and its features.

As with any instructional resource, using a DVD-ROM requires some planning. Begin by considering: What are the learning styles of the students? How will use of the DVD-ROM mesh with your existing teaching style? Do you have the hardware needed to use DVD-ROM programs in your classroom--or funds to acquire it?

Once you determine answers to these questions and have a DVD-ROM selected, thoroughly preview the disc to explore not only the content, but also the features available. Have a printed copy of the user instructions nearby the first few times you use the DVD-ROM. Don't expect yourself to learn everything at once. A lot of your exploration of the DVD-ROM can take place as you and your students use it.

In planning how to use the DVD-ROM in a particular lesson, ask yourself: What is the goal of this lesson or unit? Think about how the resource you are exploring matches your learning goals for your students. Plan how you will introduce students to the tools that will help them navigate the content, and map out how the resources can be integrated into the topics and activities you plan to teach.

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