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DVD-ROM Workshop -- Dynamic learning with DVD-ROM technology
Why DVD-ROM for your classroom?
First steps and best practices
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First Steps and Best Practices
Citing DVD-ROM Resources

When you or your students are citing DVD-ROM sources in documents and projects, refer to one of the following guidelines and formats:

According to the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style Book
Author. Title of specific item from the DVD (if relevant). Title of DVD. DVD-ROM. Version or release number. Place of publication: publisher or distributor, year of release.

Stocks, Hugh. "Why They Went West." On the Trail West. DVD-ROM. Version 2.5. New Haven: Educational Ideas, 2001.

Based on the APA (American Psychological Association) Style
Author. (year of publication). Title of specific item from the DVD (if relevant). Creator or publisher of DVD. (Date of DVD publication). Title of DVD (version or release number) [DVD-ROM].

Stocks, Hugh. (1976). Why They Went West. Educational Ideas. (2001). On the Trail West (version 2.5) [DVD-ROM].