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Technology Integration
Video Integration

How to Use Video in the Classroom: An Online Tutorial
From PeachStar Education Services, a division of Georgia Public Broadcasting, this tutorial answers important questions such as Why Video? Which Video? and How Do I Integrate the Video into My Lesson Plan?

APS Cable
APS Cable, a service of the Atlanta Public Schools, offers this concise and easy to follow collection of tips and best practices for using video in the classroom.

Using Video in the Classroom
Library Video Company is a distributor of educational video, CD-ROM, audiobook and DVD to schools and public libraries. This article discusses the benefits of using video in the classroom. Other articles on using video in the classroom are also available on the site.

Technology Integration

Education with New Technologies: Networked Learning Communities
This online learning community from the Harvard Graduate School of Education is designed to help educators develop powerful learning experiences for students through the effective integration of new technologies.

The Learning Space
Developed "by teachers for teachers," this site provides educators with opportunities and tools to develop, implement and share effective uses of technology to improve student learning.

Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology (CARET)
CARET bridges education technology research to practice by offering research-based answers to critical questions.

WWW 4Teachers4
A project of the High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium (HPR*TEC), this site provides a host of resources and tools for teachers integrating technology into the curriculum.