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Lesson Plans -- Pathways for learning with the Heritage DVD-ROM

In the Days of the Prophets
Introduction Learning Activities Materials Bookmarks Standards

Historical Understanding
Standard 2: Understands the historical perspective
Levels III and IV

Language Arts
Standards 1-3: Uses the general skills and strategies of the writing process; Uses the stylistic and rhetorical aspects of writing; Uses grammatical and mechanical conventions in written compositions

Standard 2: Uses acting skills
Levels III and IV

World History
Standard 7: Understands technological and cultural innovation and change from 1000 to 600 BCE

Level III, Benchmark 4: Understands social development and religious beliefs of Jewish civilization (e.g., the course of development of the Jewish kingdoms and the Jews' maintenance of religious and cultural traditions despite destruction of these kingdoms, the significance of the Torah in Judaism)

Level IV, Benchmark 2: Understands events that led to the spread of Judaism (e.g., the significance of the Babylonian captivity for the subsequent history and survival of Judaism, the significance of the Jewish diaspora for the transmission of Judaism in the Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia)