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A selected group of pottery vessels from the periods of Early Bronze through Iron II in Palestine
Source: The Ancient Near East in Pictures
Modern archaeology offers unique glimpses into the ancient world and sheds light on the origins and historical context of biblical accounts. In this lesson, students become aware of this complex and fascinating relationship as they compare biblical stories with relevant archaeological evidence. Whether it seems to bolster or undermine the biblical account, students experience archeology as another way to learn about the biblical period.

Grade Level:
Middle School, High School

Subjects Covered:
Biblical History, Ancient Civilization, World History, World Religions, Writing

Students will discover how archeology can inform our knowledge of the biblical period.

Students will:
  • understand the role of archeologists;
  • understand different perspectives on the Bible as a historical document;
  • compare and contrast archaeological evidence with passages from the Bible;
  • participate in small-group and whole class discussions;
  • demonstrate an understanding of how archaeology impacts our understanding of the Bible.

Time Allotment:
Three to four 45-minute class periods

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