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Islam and Judaism:
From Muhammad to the Ottoman Empire
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Arabesque detail, portal of the Great Mosque of Cordoba
(Courtesy Mobil Oil Corporation)
This lesson is not intended to extend to the modern-day Arab-Israeli conflict or the broader conflict between radical Islam and the West. Rather, students will expand their knowledge and understanding of culture, religion, geopolitical realities, and the changes and interrelationships in these arenas with regard to Judaism and Islam over the centuries.

This lesson helps students learn about Judaism and Islam as religions and cultures, and explores their interrelationships.

Students will:
1. explore the rise of Islam; Jewish life in the Ottoman Empire; Jewish life under Muslim rule in various lands during the eighth through twelfth centuries; and the role of Jews and Jewish culture within the context of the dominant Islamic culture at that time;
2. consider the cultural interplay between language, literature, and literacy, and consider how cultures relate to and influence each other;
3. participate in class discussions and engage in individual and small-group research, creating a research presentation that incorporates the use of the HERITAGE DVD-ROM.

Subjects Covered:  World History, Comparative Religion, Cultural Studies

Suggested Time Frame:
The entire lesson plan can be completed in approximately five to nine 45-minute sessions. Individual learning activities may break down as follows:

In the Beginning… (1-2 sessions)
Jewish-Muslim Relations in Islamic Lands (2-3 sessions)
The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire (2-4 sessions)

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