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Yiddish Culture: From Europe to America
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Web Sites

http://yiddishradioproject.org/. The Yiddish Radio Project. Copyright 2002 Sound Portraits Productions.

http://digital.library.mcgill.ca/fishstein/ . A Garment Workers Legacy: The Joe Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry. Copyright 2001, McGill University.

http://www.yivoinstitute.org/digital_exhibitions/index.php?mcid=77 . The Power of Persuasion: Jewish Posters from Prewar Poland. Copyright 2005, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

http://yiddishbookcenter.org/+10298. This Month in Yiddish Literature. National Yiddish Book Center.

http://yiddishbookcenter.org/+10038. The Jewish Reader. National Yiddish Book Center. Some excerpts of works by Yiddish writers in translation are available here.

http://yiddishbookcenter.org/+10038. Audio Library, National Yiddish Book Center. Audio versions of Yiddish stories by Sholem Aleichem and I.L. Peretz:
On Account of a Hat by Sholem Aleichem.
If Not Higher by I.L. Peretz.

National Center for Jewish Film (http://www.jewishfilm.org/).
Notes for the Course Leader: See "Yiddish Culture" (Jewish Heritage Video Collection) as a guide for discussing the film (http://www.jhvc.org/courses/course_notes/yiddish.pdf, pages 2-3.)

http://www.belfsmusic.com/. Belf's Rumanian Orchestra.

http://www.budowitz.com/ . A Short History of Klezmer Music, by Merlin Shepherd.

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