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Lesson Plans -- Pathways for learning with the Heritage DVD-ROM

Memory and History
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Learning Activity 1: Defining the Terms, Setting the Stage

Jewish Calendar (Video > Power of the Word > Babylon > Judean Life in Babylon > Explore Topic > Play)

Learning Activity 2: Possessing and Re-Possessing Life Stories

A Jewish Author Fears the Censor (Video > Search for Deliverance > The Renaissance > Scholarship > Explore Topic > Historical Documents > A Jewish Author Fears the Censor)

Learning Activity 3: What Happens When a People's Way of Life is Stripped Away?

Forced Conversions (Video > Crucible of Europe > Tragedy in Spain > Forced Conversions > Explore Topic > Play)

Marranos (Video > Search for Deliverance > Exile from Spain > Refugees and Marranos > Explore Topic > Marranos)

Jewish Communities (Video > Search for Deliverance > Ottoman Empire > Jewish Communities > Explore Topic > Play)

Learning Activity 4: What Memories Do We Carry Forward?

Rabbi Irwin Kula (Video > Into the Future > 1990s > Into the Future > Explore Topic > Meaning of the Past > Rabbi Irwin Kula)

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