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About the Site

Teaching Heritage is Thirteen/WNET's initiative to help teachers build powerful world and Jewish history learning environments using the award-winning HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS DVD-ROM. It shows educators how best to use the DVD-ROM's resources through an extensive workshop, a tour of the DVD ROM, and unique lesson plans and tips. The site's main sections are:

  • Home. An introduction to the site and DVD-ROM.

  • Getting Started. This section provides an overview of the main sections of the Teaching Heritage Web site, information about the original HERITAGE: CIVILIZATION AND THE JEWS documentary, and Web site credits.

  • The HERITAGE DVD-ROM Tour. This section guides users through the many resources available on the HERITAGE DVD-ROM.

  • DVD-ROM Workshop. Whether teachers are new to or experienced with DVD-ROM technology, this free, self-paced workshop provides extensive information about DVD-ROMs and their value in the classroom. In Why DVD-ROM for Your Classroom?, you'll find an overview of the educational benefits of DVD-ROM technology; in First Steps and Best Practices you'll find expert-developed advice on how to use DVD-ROMs in your classrooms. Measuring Success explores ways to assess the effectiveness of your DVD-ROM instruction. Technical Troubleshooting provides answers to frequently asked questions about this technology. Resources for Further Explorations offers an extensive reading list for users interested in more information about educational DVD-ROMs. Our Glossary defines terms.

  • Lesson Plans. In this section, educators will find five remarkable, interdisciplinary lesson plans. They are all standards-based and cover diverse topics for the middle- and high-school classrooms. The lessons' numerous activities incorporate the HERITAGE DVD-ROM, but also offer teaching ideas for those who do not have the DVD-ROM. Practical Tips are also included here, to provide educators with useful classroom implementation ideas.

  • Resources. In this extensive list, educators will find expert-selected Web sites, books, articles and videos. Categories included are Teaching History, Jewish History, Technology Integration and Downloadable Materials.