Music As Part Of My Culture

Richard Reece, George Westinghouse High School

Music is a part of many cultures. There are different kinds of music from various countries all over the world. What might be liked by someone could be disliked by someone else. In my case because of my age, everyone expects me to listen to rap music. To others, rap is a part of the youth culture.

That is wrong. I personally like reggae music because I feel that it is music from my culture. When I was young and I started listening to music for myself, I was influenced by my older uncles and cousins who were born and raised in Guyana for a brief time. That's why I became interested in reggae music, As I grew older and I began to explore and study the origin of this music, I really found it exciting. This lead me to take up a hobby as a DJ.

As a DJ, I am again exposed to many different kinds of music. After hearing all the different types I am still captivated by reggae; the music of my heritage. This music is a part of me. I not only like it but I feel it in me.