The Importance of Food In My Culture
Amanda, Theatre Arts Production Co.

Culture has a lot to do with family. I come from Puerto Rico. I'm boriqua, which means I come from Puerto Rico, but I was born in America.

Food is very important in my culture.Food is important to my family in the celebrations of their heritage.

A favorite food in my family is oven chicken, or roasted chicken. I remember when I was about four or five, I would come home from school and I could smell the food cooking from the hall. I would always get hungry when my mom or grandmother would cook. I would sit on the counter and watch them in amazement. I was curious to know where that wonderful smell was coming from.

In my culture on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we bring food to show our appreciation to the host.We bring desserts like cheese cake and ice cream.We also bring appetizers like cranberry sauce and stuffing for the Thanksgiving turkey. On Christmas we have a big dinner. In my family we go to a relative's house or stay at our own house to have a big dinner. There is so much food left over from both holidays in my house.

Food is also very important to me because in my family, food is prepared differently. My mother prepares the sofrito which is a seasoning.She prepares it with onions, peppers, red peppers,and parsley. She puts sofrito mostly in rice, beans, and different types of soups. When my mom prepares the sofrito the kitchen smells, but the food tastes good when the sofrito is cooked in it.

I think food is important to culture because in most cultures, food is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. I think in every generation a person in the family might add an ingredient to help the food taste better.

I enjoyed working on this project. I hope there will be more projects like this one, because I think culture is not discussed a lot in childrens and pre-teens education. I think learning about culture is important because a lot of kids don't know what their culture is about and studying it helps them get closer to their family.