The Big Shots of NYC Sports

Who are the Big Shots of NYC Sports?

"Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant." - Lois, 12

"Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens."- Andy, 12

"The Yankees are big shots." - Samsun, 12

What makes them big shots?

"Because they play their best at the best games." - Lois, 12

"Because they have successful careers." - Andy, 12

"Because they take [the] games seriously." - Rebecca, 13

"They play [well] and are respected by millions." - Samsun, 12

"Because they love to win." - Lamont, 11

"They always make it to the finals, or at lease try to." - Juan, 13

"I admire Layla Ali because she is a good fighter and she is a GIRL." - Tiffany, 13

"They are always on the news." - Liza, 11

"Because they are from NY and NY is one of the most famous cities in the world." - Fred, 13


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Created By Larry Harvey, Mott Hall II 7th Grader