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Mike Piazza was born on September 4, 1968 in Norristown, PA.  His godfather is Tommy Lasorda who was the manager of the Los Angels Dodgers.  He went to Miami-Dade Community College.  He was drafted in 1988 in the 62nd round by the Los Angeles Dodgers.    In 1998, he was traded to the Florida Mariners where he was only there for a couple of days.  He was then traded to the Mets where he is stilling play today. Mike Piazza has become one of the most productive offensive catchers in history.  He did make one appearance of playing first base in 1993, but all of his other career defensive appearances have been as catcher.  He has played at least 135 games in each of his last seven seasons.  His career batting average stands at .321, 4th best among the active players.  He has been selected for 10 straight All-Star Games, and won most valuable player in 1996.  He also finished as a runner-up in the MVP voting for the National League Rookie of the Year in 1993.  Mike Piazza donates $100,000 per year to help refurbish baseball fields throughout the New York tri-state area through the Metsí Takiní it to the Fields program.  He also makes regular visits to childrenís hospitals throughout the country.  Mike Piazza was been placed on the Disabled List on May 16, 2003 for a right groin tear.  He is expected to be out for 8-12 weeks.   

I admire Mike Piazza because he is a great player.  It seems that whenever his team needs runs, he is able to hit a home run to put them on the board.  He is good team player and works well with getting his job done.  He is good role model for those of us who love baseball and he makes it a joy to watch.   - Edgar, age 12


Jackie Robinson

I admire him because he broke the color barrier. He was the first black person to make it in the major leagues. I admire him because he stuck with it and showed what he was capable of. He was born in Georgia. I believe that he was one of the most important people in sports.    - Julie, age 12


Derek Jeter is a sports hero for many Yankee fans and New Yorkers. Derek plays for the Yankees as a shortstop.  He really isn't a hero for me because he's never done anything special for others that would make me admire him. He is a hero to those who bet on games and to the fans who root for him. To me, he's just another New Yorker who has had the ability to reach a level of stardom that only 2% of Americans achieve in a lifetime -- he made it to the major leagues.

Another person who has risen from the bottom to the top is Alfonso Soriano.  To many Dominicans, he's a hero. He went from a third world country to the #1 baseball team. To me he's not a hero but an idol who proves you can make it anywhere, be anything, as long as you give it your heart. Soriano...from dust to the stars!  - Jessica, age 12



My hero is Alfonso Soriano. He was born on January 7, 1978, in San Pedro De Macoris, in the Dominican Republic. His full name is Alfonso Guilleard Soriano. He did not go to college. He has 5 years of experience; his debut was in 1999 and in 2002 his salary was $630,000. He is 25 years old, 6 feet and 1 inch tall, 160 pounds. He bats and throws right handed and his position is second baseman. Starting this season, Soriano had a batting average of .314, has hit 15 homeruns, and has 36 RBIís (Runs Batted In).
The reason why Soriano is my hero is not because we both come from the same country, but because Soriano has overcome obstacles and discrimination. He earns about one-half of what Derek Jeter makes. Jeter also plays for the Yankees as a shortstop, but he complained last year about his salary and wanted a raise. I consider that not to be fair
.   -Alexis Reyes, 11



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