About My Poetry...

Hi, I am 13 years old. I live in the Bronx. I have six brothers & four sisters, and I love my parents very much. My favorite hobbies are acting & poetry reading. I have been acting in school plays since I was 5 years old. I have only been reading and writing my own poetry for two years. I was very excited when I heard that my class was going to be working with a poetry teacher. I would have to say that I was the most excited person in my class.


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On January 28, 2002 four classmates and I had a poetry slam in the school library. A poetry slam is when you battle it out with words against another person or group.The group that we went against was M.S/P.S 95. The order that we went in was: myself, Kenasia, Chris, Katrina, and last but not least Shatisha.

As we were saying our poems, our teacher Mr. Danny reminded us to speak loud and clear.That is what we did, but the other school did not do that. So I personally think that we did a better job. I also think that we should have won because they were fixing their clothes and they should have gotten points taken off for fixing themselves during a poetry slam.
  Now I would like to share my poem with you, but before I do, I would like to tell you who I thought had the best poem. I thought that my friend Shatisha wrote the best poem. Now I will share my poem with you. My poem is called:


Why, why, why do they send people to wars? Wars, why do they exist? Some times, it feels like life's a waste of my time, feels like a bad dream a dream I want to break out of,
a dream thousands of steps long. Want it to leave, want it to stop. No, wait, this is life- not a dream. Millions of tears fall from my eyes. Sometimes I wish that I would die but mom say's no,
try and spread your wings you eagle
try and FLY!

That is my poem I hope you like it.