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The games were very fun. I enjoyed them. The first game was too easy. The second game was easy because someone told me the answer. I like more challenging games. Can you make games for 8th grade kids like me?

8th grader

I think the game Cyber Chase on Channel Thirteenth's website is too easy for someone my age or older. I mean the first game was very simple, but the second game was a little harder.

Math is a good subject to learn because it teaches you how to understand numbers and symbols. Math also teaches you the value of a dollar and in the future we will become smarter shoppers.

10th grader

The first game was easier than the second one. You had to solve the problem with a pattern by putting the colors in a pattern and a certain designs.

The second game was much harder because you have to put your mind into it, and you might get confused in the process.

I think math is good for all of us because without math one is not able to be a success in life.

9th grader

These games were good. The first game was good and easy for little kids under my age. The second game was more challenging because it made me think for a minute before I figured it out. I think math is important because it helps you in life when you're dealing with computer or anything dealing with numbers

9th grader

I think that these games were good because they were hard. You can learn so many things from these games. If you paly it a lot, you can get good at it. I like it because my class and I get to practice Math and play a game at the same time.

4th grader