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Director's Note: Bridgeton is known in Southern New Jersey as the most troubled and distressing small town in Cumberland County, which also leads the state in unemployment and trails in education and literacy. In the last 30 years, factories have been replaced by prisons as the major growth industry, and most kids around here face career choices that range from prisoner to prison gaurd. College bound students generally leave and don't come back. The average Bridgeton kid would rather get arrested than do extra "school work", and our web team represents the best and brightest the city has to offer. I'm especially proud of our team captain, Junior who took the initiative to learn Dreamweaver and Photoshop, and did most of the work on this website. - Al Arthur (director, GoGo Surfer)

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This web site was made by the gogosurfer web team. We made this web site to show every body about Latino Culture. Sorry, we don't know much about it, but we found a few good links.

We put a lot in to our web site We will make it better, I know it. We can make it better and I my self am going to see that we do so have fun with what we got so far. - Junior (team captain)