Cristina Saralegui
This renaissance woman was born on January 29, 1948 in Havana, Cuba.

How She Broke the Glass Ceiling: Cristina Saralegui is truly the definition of what it means to be a renaissance woman. Saralegui is the first and only Latin women to ever have a successful radio show "Cristina Opina," a widely circulated magazine "Cristina la Revista," and a talk show "Cristina," rated number one on Spanish-language television, all at the same time. Also a respected journalist, Saralegui is on the board of director's of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. She has received numerous awards for her achievements including the "Outstanding Communicator of the Year Award" from the NOWC (National Organization of Women in Communication) for her dedication to bringing the concerns and opinions of the Latin community to mainstream media. She has also received the "Distinction for Leadership and in Communications and Broadcasting Award" from AMFAR (American Foundation of AIDS Research) for her commitment to AIDS education in the Spanish-speaking world.

"Cristina is such an inspiration to millions of Latino girls, she is strong symbol of what you can do if you work hard."- Rosa Valadez, Teacher Assistant

"She is my hero."- Lucy Diaz, High School Student

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