Kellie's Take

Dewitt Clinton HS

I don't think having a computer is so important. To me, people rely on computers too much. In my situation I don't use computers so much. I don't really have much use for it. I use computers when I have to type a paper or when I come to HarlemLive to do a story. Although I don't use computers much, learning about computers and having access to computers is very important.

To me, the Digital Divide is basically about the separation of gender, race, and class dealing with computers. One of the major topics the Digital Divide focuses on is the gender issue. Males seem to be more into computer technology than females. I have observed the gender issue not only in school but at HarlemLive. In school I see a lot of my male friends working on graphics and many other designing things on the computer. The females like doing the typing. At HarlemLive the males do most of the graphics and the girls do most of the writing. I actually have been considering getting more into graphics.

The Digital Divide also deals the importance of the computer-related job skills. Many of the jobs in the future will require working with computers. In this case, I think having access to computers and learning the basics is important. If we don't start as soon as possible, then we'll be left behind. Not only will we not have the knowledge but our chances of getting jobs will quickly decrease.

Two major factors of the Digital Divide that clash together are race and class. Many of the people who don't have access to computers are African-Americans and Hispanics who fit into the lower class. The lower class does not have the funds to have computer labs. In this situation I think it would also be important for the parents to get involved. Parents talk a lot about what we need and what we should do to make sure that these kids are in a learning environment. But even though the parents talk a lot of good stuff, they don't act on it. If the parents would go to PTA meetings and write letters to the people who can get us this stuff, then maybe we would have computer access. Some people can afford computers but instead they spend their money on things such as cell phones or things that are in style. People have to realize what the future holds and how we should get hooked up now.

As we flow into the future we hope to bridge the Digital Divide that exists in our communities. This goal will be reached if we come together as a community and focus on the youth and their needs.