The cave by Victor G

The Chupacabra sucks blood of goats. One time a kid went in a cave and never came out. People noticed the goats where disappearing, they were worried about what was making the marks on the goats necks. Then the people disappeared , because they went into the cave. People where frightened what it might do next, but people were still going in, not one came out. Then they where no people left. That is the legend of they chupacabra.


The mystery of the missing dog by Mathew F.

Once upon a time in Puerto Rico lived a creature that you don’t see everyday. He has sharp teeth and big eyes and drinks anything that has blood. He is 4 feet tall. One day there was a an who had a dog and that night the Chupacabra came and attacked the dog that night and when the man woke up to check on the dog, the dog was no where to be found. I think the Chupacabra ate the dog. And that is the end of the story.

The Chupacabra by Joshua

The Chupacabra
It crawls in the night, it drinks blood until it is dry, and can you guess what it is??
It’s a Chupacabra!!!!
People say it’s alive, some say its not, that’s why no one have been able to find out what it is, or why it sucks blood. If you live in Puerto Rico, look late in the dark and you will find one. If you do tell a person then we can find out what it is.

The Chupacabra by Ivonne C

The chupacabra
The chupacabra sucks blood
They come from outer space
They are green and ugly
They look like aliens
They are a little smart
They come out at night to see goat and suck their blood
They have big mouths, eyes and noses
They are mean to people
They suck blood by opening a little hole
That is so nasty

El Chupacabra!! by Nicole

Era una vez yo tenia una granja llena de animales. Una noche yo vi una cosa muy rara. Yo me pregunte, que sera eso tan feo y me fui a dormir. Al otro dia i la granja por la mañana estaba toda alvorotada y todos los animales estaban muerto menos uno. Yo estaba tan triste y no encontraba que hacer con la granja. Pero me quedo una vaca y me quede un poquito feliz. Me quede en la granja para ver quien via matado todos mis animales en la noche. Era un Chupacabra y queria chuparle la sangre a mi unica vaca. Pero yo me fui corriendo a matarlo con una pistola y lo mate. Pasaron diez dias y mi vaca tuvo muchos hijitos. Despues de dos meses los hijos crecieron y volvi a tener la misma granja que yo tenia hace dos meses atras.