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The Boys' Club of New York
Hector Lino
Education Director of Harriman Clubhouse
Yih Biow Yap
Computer Coordinator

Since 1876 The Boys' Club of New York has been a nonprofit after school organization that has provided a variety of socio-educational and recreational programs to the young men growing up in the neighborhood of the Lower East Side.

We provide computer literacy in our multimedia computer center. Here at the Harriman Clubhouse Computer Room, we offer instruction in web programming using Java, Java Script and HTML languages. Our boys also have the opportunity to play computer games and search the Internet for educationally appropriate information that supports their academic endeavors.

The members of our Clubhouse come from different age groups and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They bring to the Boy's Club young minds that are willing to learn, to grow and to explore.

Some of our members volunteered to write about African-American contribution to American Culture.They selected people who they felt made significant contributions to America. The boys have written about these people from points of view that reflect what matters to them.

The boys chose to write about:

  Here are the boys who participate in this forum:

James Adam
Anthony Von
Matthew Travon
Tony Kenneth