"The Day We Came Back"
By: Geovany & Michael

We went to ask Ms.Nunez some questions
about the September11th tragedy. Ms.Nunez is the
Counselor at our school.

(Q= Question)
(A= Answer)





Q- Did you think it was a good idea to have
September 12th off?

A- Yes, I think the city needed some time to
make sure it was safe for people to travel
around the city. Also, children had a day to
think about what happened before coming to
school to concentrate on school.

Q- What took place during the two hours the
teachers were at school before the students on
September 13th?

A- A meeting took place on 9/13 to discuss how to
talk with the children about terrorist attacks.

Q- Who came up with the ideas to help kids cope with
the tragedy?

A- The people who worked on strategies were Ms.
Hendrick the principal, Ms.Ortiz, the assistant principal,
and me, the counselor.

Q- What were some of the activities that took place in
the classrooms that day?

A- Some of the suggestions we made were to a draw
pictures, write letters, and talk about what happened.

We also spoke to some
teachers about September 13th

We asked
what they did with their students



"I told my class to draw about what they felt," said Ms.Wieting.

"Yes this did help because they got a chance to talk about it," said Ms.Wieting.

"I felt very upset" explained Ms.Wieting.

"People had to have 9/12 off because kids had to figure out if their families were O.K," said Ms.Wieting

Ms. Moore

"In my class we sat in a circle and talked about our feelings," said Ms.Moore.

"Yes, it helped because they had a chance to talk about their feelings," said Ms .Moore.

"I felt Incredibly devastaded and worried about NYC and my students," explained Ms.Moore.

"Yes, people had to have 9/12 off because kids had to spent time with their parents," explained Ms.Moore.



"The first thing I did was give the students time to talk about their feelings and express their concerns about safety. The students responded to each other and conversed about how they felt," said Ms.Hall.

"Yes I think I realized they were all feeling some of the same emotions," said Ms.Hall

"Personally I was very nervous and scared. I was not sure what, if anything was going to happen next," said Ms.Hall.

"Yes it was necessary to have Thursday off so that people could deal with their emotions and deal with family situations," said Ms.Hall.