Viewing Video in Your Browser
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 Technical Prerequisites
 Downloading QuickTime 4.x
 Ready, Set, Action!

Downloading QuickTime

To view video in your browser using QuickTime, you need to download it first. It's free and simple, so just follow these instructions and you'll be watching video on your computer in no time.

1. In a moment, you'll launch a second browser window. To make sufficient room on your monitor, resize this window (your wNetSchool tutorial browser window) to be as small as possible, while leaving enough room to read the instructions. Alternatively, you may want to print out these on-screen instructions before you begin the downloading process. You can refer to them while the download is in process.

2. Launch the QuickTime browser window by clicking on QuickTime. QuickTime can be downloaded from Apple's Web site at

3. Resize the QuickTime browser window so it fits along side the wNetSchool tutorial browser window.

4. Fill in the registration information. (Don't worry, the product is free.) Then select your platform type, click the Download button, and follow these instructions:

  • If you're on a Windows-based machine, select that option. Sit back and wait until it downloads, and then follow the simple instructions.
  • If you have a Mac, click on that option. Sit back and wait until it downloads.
  • On both systems, click on the QuickTime Installer and then follow the simple instructions.

5. Once it has finished downloading, you can close the QuickTime browser window and continue following along in this tutorial.

   Ready, Set, Action!  
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