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- Specificity Counts

One of the best ways to get more relevant search results is to increase both the specificity and number of your search terms. When you search with only one or two search terms, you usually receive numerous results and many of these are irrelevant to your subject of interest.

Feeding Your Search Engine More Information

1. Initially we said that we were interested in the surface tension of water and the curvature that is formed at its surface. So adding the additional key word water would be a logical way of narrowing our search.

2. Make sure that the exact phrase is chosen from the pull-down menu. Add of water so you end up with an exact phrase that reads: surface tension of water.

3. Click on the Search button or press the Enter key. This time, the search engine is looking for the exact, full phrase that you entered.

Examine your results. There should be fewer results and water should be referenced in a more prominent manner.
image   O.K. This is all great, but how can we get even more specific so that our results are even more relevant?

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