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 A Framework for Electronic Communication and Collaboration


 Finding Collaborative Online Projects

 Online Project Sampler

Online Project Sampler

The following sites offer you opportunities for online collaboration:


Click on any state or province in North America, or any country in the world, and this site returns links to every registered primary school, middle school, secondary school, and educational organization in that area. You can also register your school so others can contact you.

 Interactive On-line Projects

A comprehensive list of online projects that you and your students can join. It should be noted that not all of these projects can be categorized as electronic communications projects; however, the majority are. Look for shelf-life and be sure that a project you are interested in has not already expired.


GlobaLearn invites students to "follow" a group of travelers journeying to various destinations. This virtual voyage allows your students to communicate with members of expeditions throughout the world. The group is currently in South America: They will be moving on to discover the United States in the future. You can also access archived records from previous journeys.


This site provides numerous links to online projects which promote communication, collaboration, and the realization of diversity among peoples of the world. Participants have the opportunity to lend their unique ideas and knowledge when participating in these projects. New projects are added regularly.

 Holy Redeemer Catholic School

This site, sponsored by a school in Canada, provides links to Internet projects and posts its own projects, in which students and classes from around the globe are invited to participate. Projects are categorized by grade level.

 Hot List for Online Projects

As its name suggests, this page lists links to Web sites and pages containing online projects that you can join.

 ePals Classroom Exchange

This site provides the addresses of schools and classes interested in forming partnerships via the electronic superhighway. It even allows you to search projects by specific location, grade level, area of interest, and so on.

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