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Getting on the Internet requires:
Computer and Monitor
Telephone Line
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Communications Software

- Communications Software
There are a number of special software programs which allow you to connect to the Internet in various ways:

Software that Helps Establish Basic Internet Connectivity -- Current operating systems for both Macintosh, OS 8.6 and later, and PC, Windows 98 and later, include PPP connectivity software. (PPP stands for point to point protocol. It connects you to the Internet without the use of additional software.) If you are using older operating systems, FreePPP and Winsock are examples of software that can be used to dial in to your ISP and maintain a connection to the Internet.

e-mail Software -- Eudora Light is a freeware e-mail program that requires Internet connectivity. Current versions of both Netscape and Internet Explorer have built-in e-mail functions.

Web Browser Software -- With Netscape or Internet Explorer, you can explore the World Wide Web.

Your Internet Service Provider will usually provide this software free of charge, along with technical support to help you install the software properly. Make sure their literature is complete and understandable and that they are accessible and responsive to questions over the phone.

Netscape Navigator
The leading Web browser.

Internet Explorer
Microsoft's Web browser. Most commonly used after Netscape.


Eudora Light
A freeware e-mail application for Mac and PC. Useful for managing group mailings.


A freeware application used to set-up and maintain a PPP connection for Macs.

CNET - Browser Central
An opinionated page of browser tips, critiques, and news. Also contains links to the latest browser downloads.