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It's Rainin', It's Pouring
Three Clouds Lab

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Cloud 2

In this experiment you will create a cloud in a clear glass jar.
  • clear glass quart jar
  • petri dish
  • warm water
  • ice
  • matches
  • hair spray

1. Place about 1 inch of warm water in the jar. Place petri dish on top to prevent loss of water vapor.
2. Return with jar of water to desk. Place petri dish on top of jar so that it will hold ice in it. Fill the lid with ice and watch the inside of the jar for any changes. Record your observations.
3. Return to sink. Empty water and replace with fresh warm water one inch deep. Recap and return to desk.
4. Spray a small amount of hair spray in the jar. Quickly recap with ice in lid. Observe the inside of the jar carefully. Record your observations.
5. Return to sink. Empty jar and refill with 1 inch of warm water. Recap and return to desk.
6. Light two to three matches and place in jar, recapping quickly with ice lid.
7. Observe and record interior of jar.


1. Jar/water/ice:

2. Jar/water/ hair spray/ice:

3. Jar/water/ matches/ice: